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Plus it's still coming up. This is not a classic wellbore leak.

They have overpressured the formation to fracture it, and this time, they fractured it all the way to the surface. So when all of the injection materials AND all of the natural gas pressure are zero (30-50 YEARS from now), they will finally know how much they actually have to clean up. They can't plug it - it's the same as making an earthquake stop in the middle. It will stop when IT's ready.

They are selling this as proven technology and nothing new. It's extremely new and totally unproven. This has nothing to do with setting off a shaped dynamite charge in a wellbore to knock holes in the bore and loosen up the formation for a few dozen feet around the shot.

This is the total destruction by acid and hydraulic pressure of the natural formation so that it gives up all the petro within. NOBODY knows how far they crack, nor have any calibration to find out.

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not

understanding it. " - Upton Sinclair.

I was in the wellhead business for more than a decade in a management position, and what these people are doing is totally unconscionable.

The reason they don't know how to stop it is because it cannot be stopped.

Think of petro products as being contained in a pinata. You could make a little hole in the pinata, put a pipe in it and empty the pinata that way, which is how conventional wellbore technology has worked for about 150 years.

Or you could pump high pressure into the pinata and make the pipe flow faster. This is what conventional fracking did - loosened the immediate (several dozen feet) area around a perforated borehole. That's been done for 50 or so years.

Now put in so much pressure that the pinata explodes. How will you contain it? You won't. When 100% of the candy is on the ground, it will stop.

That's precisely what today's greedy buggers have done - they've overpressured these formations without knowing exactly where and what is being fractured. This current insult will not quit until all the pressure in the entire formation is exhausted, because the product is not coming through the borehole, but through actual cracks in the ground all the way down to where the petrochemicals are.

Hopefully, this will bankrupt these companies so that this uncontrolled and uncontrollable technique stops.

Why do you worry about these singular events when a MILLION Americans die

every three years from SMOKING?

50,000 a year killed by drunk drivers.

And so on.

If we gave an actual damn about American citizens and their lives, we'd get drunks off the road and tobacco off the market. But nope.
So please stop waving the bloody shirt about these occasional events that are statistical outliers. No one, government or otherwise, can stop a lone wolf like McVeigh. Period.

Meanwhile, the government is busy with a war on women, on minority voters, on Social Security, and I can't complain about that?

Jefferson was one of the founders of the current government, and he advocated revolution whenever a government becomes oppressive. He said it was the DUTY of the people to change any government, by force is need be, when it treads on the rights of the people. Guess what? As a slave owner, he wasn't exactly a perfect person, either. But his actions are what counted in forming the government. Snowden's actions count now.

If the answer is we can't criticize or expose moral wrongs committed by the government, what was the question?

Until a large longitudinal study is done tracing students' lives and events in those lives,

then we have no correlation to education, and no reason to believe that every child needs the same curriculum.

We already know that every student cannot be taught in the exact same way, so why worry about a uniform curriculum?

Seems to me we should worry about a curriculum that will enable each student to have success in life, whatever that means, and that's the first task: what is success? I suspect it will not be uniform, either.

Meanwhile, by putting all our eggs in one basket with one or another lockstep curriculum model, we know not what we're throwing away.

Two reasons this study will never happen:
1. Costly and time-consuming
2. Results may gore the wrong ox

Just my 2 cents' worth.
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