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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Believe it. Those guys did more than pump gas - they checked tires, fluids, cleaned windows, vacuum

the floorboards, but a dumb 16 year old like me didn't appreciate that - hey! I could save 2 cents on gas and only pay 6 cents a gallon instead of the horrible 8 whole cents! Thank gawd we did that, or gas might be THREE DOLLARS a gallon! Um, I mean, oops.

Now when my 86 year old mother in law who lives 150 miles away in the Panhandle goes to the station, who pumps her gas in subzero wind chills? Yep, she does. Check her tires and all that? Nope. Well, what could go wrong?

These new checkout lines don't even pretend to give you a discount, and they provide no service like bagging, price checks on bar codes that don't scan, and the like. Our Albertson's here took them out after 90 days. I and a whole series of other geezers got onto the manager there ( a former student of mine) and told him that we disapproved of doing someone else's job for free, and that I wouldn't be back until they were gone. He called me at home at the end of summer to let me know they were gone.

This is not new technology, either - it's the same barcode scan a living employee would use, the same bags, the same weight scale. You just do the work, instead of them. And one more thing - when your purchases were taken to the car, every basket came back with the carryout person, ensuring they're all in all the time.

Now huge trains of baskets being pulled by a small tow vehicle gets some of the baskets in, but leaves tons of them out there to be stolen or damaged. Now please show how any money is saved there. Service is going to count for even more as we baby boomers age.
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