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There is no tenure for teachers in Texas.

One year contracts. If non-renewed, that is the end of it.

Like today, every special ed teacher in our district of 28,000 students was ordered onto a growth plan by the Chief of Staff. None have been observed, but since the Texas Education Agency listed deficiencies in the department, he said that meant that every single teacher of special ed was unacceptable and must meet their growth plan goals by mid-May or be non-renewed. This is true for teachers with 30 years right down to brand new. The Chief is 32 years old, with 3 years in a junior high English classroom, 2 years as a principal in one town, 1 year as a bilingual director in another town, 2 years as a high school principal in yet another town, to arrive here two years ago to be named Chief of Staff. Can't be an Assistant Superintendent because he no superintendent certification and apparently has failed the exam twice in two years.

So this uncertified administrator just put 70+ teachers in jeopardy on a whim.

This is what no tenure at all looks like.
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