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If a student leaves before 18, their driver's license is suspended.

Keeping them in school until they can at least sign legal contracts and such is a good idea, I believe.

But once you get students who are 21 going to school with 15 year olds, I have only seen negatives. I teach in a large urban school (3200+ enrollment) where 85% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunches and 20% are special education.

I had a case two years ago where a 21 year old told me to fuck myself because I told him to put his phone up and pay attention. He stormed out of class. A few minutes later, one of our campus police officers, who are sworn officers and wear guns, saw him urinating on the side of the fieldhouse. The officer got close and told him to stop what he was doing. Student pulled a knife and gave the officer, a high school classmate of mine, a 3" deep stab in the abdomen.

He was caught 3 weeks later in Fort Worth, 300 miles from here.

5 years ago, an assistant principal gave me an 8th period (last period) class composed of 12 20 and 21 year old males. He told me not to issue books, teach lessons, or do anything but keep them in the room until the final bell of the day rang, because they were all drug dealers selling in the bathrooms on campus, and he wanted to make sure they were away from their market during school hours. He told me (in front of them) that if the building caught fire to leave, but lock them in and leave them. After that year, I told him never to ask me to do that again. It was just too demoralizing for me.

So for me, overage students need to go to our local junior college and get their GED, which they can do at no cost.

The good point of course is that we are trying to get even those who had some troubles and had some problems to still be able to get their education. But I think the GED option does that well.

I do believe there are more problems than advantages to the current in-till-22 system in Texas. Hope this helps.

Texas already requires attendance through 18 and the student may attend until 22 if they wish.

At some point, and 18 seems reasonable, we need to get them to a GED or other program, because the only reason a 21 year wants to come to high school is to be near the customers he's selling drugs to.

Hope this helps.

About time to sell hunting licenses for banker season.

I figure at $1,000 per license (one banker allowed for each license, please), that we could pay off every person's mortgage in the country in short order!

Not sure if I'm being sarcastic or not....

Yes, you need to worry about the water waste. True story:

In the early 70s, Shell started pumping brine water down a disposal well a few miles from my parent's home in the country outside Odessa. My folks had a 200' water well drilled in 1957 that had provided all their needs with good clean water.

In 1978, lawns started dying, and trees started dying all over the area, including my parents' house. One of the folks who lived a couple of miles away was Mac Boring, the owner of Dixilyn Drilling, who had a beautiful home with a small lake out front with swans swimming in it. His landscaping began dying as well.

He advised the RRC that the Shell well there must be leaking. Apparently, the action taken was that the RRC asked Shell, and they said no. That was all the state would so in 1978, so Boring took the lead and thousands joined the Ector County Utility District to lay water lines, buy meters, and pay for water from the city of Odessa at 150% the city rate.

So now all the folks out there pay the highest rate for water, they pay taxes to maintain the district, and the groundwater is still ruined. If even a Texas oilman can do nothing against a large company and their waste, no one can.

Areas that chose not to join the district are now empty and abandoned.

Fracking is brine disposal on steroids, forcing worse than salt into the ground at unknown depths and unknown results. Oh, they know how deep the line is that they pump. Ask for a real number on how far the fracking fluids really go. Nobody knows.

Dangerous, reckless, profitable. About all you need to know about why it's popular with companies and bad for people.

They could sell them to individuals to live in. But they'll bulk them out like many of the north

Dallas townhouses that originally sold for $200,000+ in the early 80s. They were sold for $5,000 each - in lots of 1,000 units, limiting the buying to those with $5 million in cash.

Always remember - bad times are a garage sale for those with the cash. Rockefeller, Sr, switched from a millionaire at the beginning of the depression to a billionaire during and after.

I imagine this will be similar, with landlords recouping their purchase price within 90 days and gravy the rest of the way.

Help PEOPLE? What? Communism!!!
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