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Elizabeth Warren launches 2020 presidential exploratory committee

In a video to supporters, Warren focuses on economic fairness as she becomes the first major Democrat to take a formal step toward a presidential bid.

WASHINGTON — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced Monday that she is establishing an exploratory committee to consider a 2020 White House bid, vowing to be a tenacious advocate for economic fairness and rebuilding the middle class.

In filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to allow her to begin raising and spending money to benefit her likely candidacy, Warren becomes the first big-name Democrat to take formal steps to enter what could be a crowded, expensive and extended contest for the party’s presidential nomination.

Warren quickly shared the news with her supporters via email and social media, calling on them to join her in a fight against the "dark path” favored by special interests that she says is hurting the middle class, and political corruption that “is poisoning our democracy."

“Our government is supposed to work for all of us, but instead, it has become a tool for the wealthy and well-connected,” she says in a more than four-minute video announcing her exploratory committee. “If we organize together, if we fight together, if we persist together, we can win."


She should reach out to the white working class voters who voted for Trump?

The ones who rejected the Democratic party and gave us Trump? You must have missed all the posts about those voters. Wait... come to think of it, you agreed with that sentiment.
Where did I say that was an attack on her? I just think it's bad fucking advice. YMMV

Excuse me? Silly question? You made the statement that Nancy made their victories possible,

and she would be blamed if they had lost. I think it's a logical question since you made that claim.

So what did Nancy do to help AOC win her congressional race? What does AOC owe Nancy?

EffieBlack (11,487 posts)

90. So, you think they're owed something before they even get sworn in? Ok

But even setting aside the fact that that goes both ways and they also owe a lot to Nancy Pelosi who made their victories possible (and who would have certainly been blamed if they'd lost), that's still not a "peace offering."

Wow. A generation burdened with debt, none of the prospects their parents had, they need two jobs

to keep a roof over their heads, low wages. And you fucking think they want cookies??

That was the most republican bullshit I've seen in my life. Right out of Eddy Scarry's


Tell them the truth. Bobby Kennedy has been dead for 50 years and is a decayed corpse.

He and Beto look nothing alike. Do not hold your breath waiting for a reborn/decent Republican party. Not going to happen.

You mean the honor of knowing sooner or later a knife in the back is coming?

Fuck you First Nude

Has anyone looked into Amendment Y, Congressional Redistricting?

I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information.

'Don't interrupt me': Michael Avenatti wipes the floor with Alan Dershowitz and

his poor record of accuracy


“I have a question for Michael Avenatti,” Dershowitz said. “How do you know there are other tapes? You’re not in a position where you could possibly know that properly. How do you know there are other tapes involving the president of the United States? Are you privy to what was seized from the office [of Michael Cohen]?”

Dershowitz says Avenatti is right about the tapes at the 7:55 mark in the video on ABC, after his hissyfit over Avenatti knowing about the tapes.

Is Dershowitz privy to what was seized from the office of Michael Cohen?


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