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Have you watched this video nadin ? It's long but very clear

those who got loud were not there to caucus, they were observers. If you are short on time scroll to about the 50 minute mark and watch it from there.


I'm sorry, you get no retraction from me. Watch the video.

That that video doesn't show Bernie supporters chanting "English Only" as she claimed they did.


Here's the thing. Bernie wasn't supposed to get this far

Look where we are

I give Obama 2 months and we have a new SC justice.

I'm laughing at all the hair on fire the world will end if we don't elect....... Does the name Sonia Sotomayor ring a bell???

LOL - Hillary and NPT's Brooks Brothers Audience

From DailyKos: This reminder on Gwen Ifill, who seems to be a hot topic this morning, along with other blasts from the past that emerged from the debate.

The first part about the debate was IMO spot on, we know what get's us going but I found this part extremely interesting. Nothing would surprise me anymore........read the original email sent if you can....


Gwen Ifill once hosted a big show on whether the TV media was negligent in it’s coverage of the selling of the Iraq war.

But guess what the verdict was? That’s right, according to Gwen and Company, the TV news media did a fine job of covering the lies that lead to the passage of the vote that started the Iraq war.

I remember it well. It was one big, bizarre, ass kiss to CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS.

So I almost opted out of the debate tonight. I figured they would try and fuck Bernie Sanders in ways the other networks would never attempt, under the cover of liberalism, but even I was surprised at how blatantly they did it. Not only was the audience rigged, with most like a bunch of part operatives from who knows where, but it struck me that some of Hillary’s answers flowed so quickly and seamlessly from the question, that I suspect she had them up front.

Sanders and Feingold, the two biggest civil libertarians in the Senate at the time voted against it

the ACLU also opposed it and this is why


Long before, and fully independent of, anything Congress did, President Obama made clear that he was going to preserve the indefinite detention system at Guantanamo even once he closed the camp. President Obama fully embraced indefinite detention — the defining injustice of Guantanamo — as his own policy.

In February, 2009, the Obama DOJ told an appellate court it was embracing the Bush DOJ’s theory that Bagram detainees have no legal rights whatsoever, an announcement that shocked the judges on the panel hearing the case. In May, 2009, President Obama delivered a speech at the National Archives — in front of the U.S. Constitution — and, as his plan for closing Guantanamo, proposed a system of preventative “prolonged detention” without trial inside the U.S.; The New York Times — in an article headlined “President’s Detention Plan Tests American Legal Tradition” — said Obama’s plan
“would be a departure from the way this country sees itself, as a place where people in the grip of the government either face criminal charges or walk free.” In January, 2010, the Obama administration announced it would continue to imprison several dozen Guantanamo detainees without any charges or trials of any kind, including even a military commission, on the ground that they were “too difficult to prosecute but too dangerous to release.” That was all Obama’s doing, completely independent of anything Congress did.

I wonder if he met Hillary before 1991? It would be strange if he had met Hillary

before her husband ran for President.

I stand with John Lewis and Bernie Sanders

Two American heroes. I am honored and privileged to live in a time where these two men have existed, cared and fought for the rights of all Americans.

I stand with John Lewis and Bernie Sanders

Two American heroes.

Wonderful post. This certainly puts that "disliked by his colleagues" meme to rest.

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