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Gender: Female
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 38,656

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You bet your fucking ass I'm bitter, I lost a Nephew in that clusterfuck so put your

party of one in a cozy nice spot.

Look at the number of posts in the last 90 days and compare the total number of posts

and the join date.

New guidelines going forward for the Bernie Sanders group Edited

The admins have made the rules clear as to what direction discussion on this board will be allowed to take beginning on the 16th.

Edited out the guidelines, like Skinner says. You take your chances.

The graphic the AP used came from the Clinton campaign and was created 2 days in advance.

BULLSHIT. That's a fucking lie Sanders did not ask for a reduction of the number of polling places.

But party leaders in the US territory insist the decision to reduce polling stations to 432 was a simple matter of resources, based on the island electoral commission’s inability to fund and handle the extra workload of simultaneous local elections at so many sites.

How very fucking impressive Bill

Sanders Supporters 'Will Be Toast’ And these people will be fucking begging for Sanders supporters votes the following week. The fucking nerve.

Trump will drop out shortly.

They'll all be right here, same as the Hillary haters back in 2008 are still here.


Posters here said some pretty nasty things about Hillary. I remember that well, I supported Hillary to the bitter end in 08.
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