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It's unforgivable. This old thread was brought up in a new thread


Great links proving the "shouting" wasn't directed at her.

Thank you.

Sanders and Clinton: What's all the shouting about?

When Bernie Sanders used the word "shouting" during the Democratic presidential debate, he was referring to the tone of the gun control debate, not his opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton . Despite how obvious this was, Clinton (or perhaps her advisors) began slowly re-purposing the word as a sexist insult.

She made references to being "silenced" and being "told to quit talking" about gun control, one issue on which she differs sharply with Sanders. Finally, during a speech Friday at the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum, she went with the strategy full tilt. "When women talk," she said, "some people think we're shouting."

The quote quickly became immortalized as the kind of bromide-in-a-text-box that gets passed around on social media because it's mistaken for wisdom. In spirited "You go, girl" fashion, women cheered Clinton on and backed her up, channeling their real-life grievances through this pretend affront and chalking Sanders up as sexist, even though his record on women is pretty spotless.

Let's say Sanders had accused Clinton of shouting; a better response from her would have been, "It takes one to know one." Sanders, as anyone can tell, is a world-class shouter. He shouts from the podium, where his volume not only goes up to 11 but also usually starts somewhere around eight. He's been known to shout at interviewers even when they're sitting a foot away. According to reports, he shouts at his staff. No matter where he is or what he's talking about, his delivery sounds like he's trying to order a bagel with a schmear in a cacophonous New York deli.

Interesting. When he shouted at the debate about the country being sick of her damn e mail. She didn't complain about that.


Now I see what that was about.

Cross posting this link to an OP in GDP by kpete


This is the ultimate measure of a man, the man we support for President. Everyone else comes up short.

The compassion and decency of this man astounds me. Five days later at the debate she spoke her name

Some posters complain because he didn't say something in a fund raising thank you email and completely ignore this.

So I'm happy. How do I know Bernie hit on all cylinders at the debate?

A friend on FB supported Hillary in 2008 and beyond. Up to the day of the debate he was posting about Hillary and her stand on the issues, this morning he is posting about Bernie. It made my day!

I am going to bookmark this and save it

I liked Hillary, when she wan't afraid to be herself.

Now she has to remake herself in a mans image because it "works for her"? That's just sad.

Not one surprise there. I knew Bennet would be there.

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