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Don't be deceived. Decriminalization of marijuana by states is not the same as Federal legalization


Marijuana Decriminalization Explained

To be clear, decriminalization of marijuana is not the same as marijuana legalization. Decriminalization means that a state repealed or amended its laws to make certain acts criminal, but no longer subject to prosecution. In the marijuana context, this means individuals caught with small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption won’t be prosecuted and won’t subsequently receive a criminal record or a jail sentence.

In many states, possession of small amounts of marijuana is treated like a minor traffic violation. States that have decriminalized marijuana include Alaska, California, New York, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oregon, and much of the Northeast.

But even in states that have decriminalized the herb, possessing larger quantities or selling marijuana have significant potential penalties. Therefore, you still need to be aware of the criminal laws in your state.

Federal vs. State Laws

When federal law and state law conflict, the federal law trumps. Federal law doesn’t permit marijuana sale and usage because it is illegal under the Controlled Substance Act. In states where marijuana has been legalized for recreational purposes, the state law conflict with federal law.

If Colorado and Washington manage to keep their marijuana retail businesses completely in-state, it may be legal. That means the marijuana must be grown, sold, used, and taxed all within the state without using any federal land or means of commerce. This prevents the retail marijuana businesses from using banks, which are federally regulated. It also prevents marijuana businesses from deducting business expenses on their federal income taxes. This also prevent farmers from using water from federally managed resources.

The conflict between state and federal marijuana laws is likely to continue and ultimately require resolution, possibly in a decision by the Supreme Court.

The Blue Wall? They voted for the Dem in every presidential election from 1992 until 2016.

We have several Dems running who can win back the Blue Wall.

Yes it will be a big problem for us if he's the and he won't have Obama to hide behind either.

Trump has his campaign against Biden all planned out

from the article
“I think I’d match up great,” he said. “I’m a job producer. I’ve had a great record, I haven’t been involved in plagiarism.”

We may yet get to see how that works on the 2020 campaign trail. Trump is not exactly gaffe-free, to put it mildly.

“I hope it’s Biden,” Trump said again last month. “When I say something that you might think is a gaffe, it’s on purpose. It’s not a gaffe. When Biden says something dumb, it’s because he’s dumb.”

“I am a gaffe machine,” Biden admitted in December when asked about potential liabilities of his campaign. “But my God what a wonderful thing compared to a guy who can’t tell the truth,” he said.


Ocasio-Cortez hits DHS chief for 'images of my violent rape' in Facebook group


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Thursday confronted acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan about a secret Facebook group in which Border Patrol agents shared racist and sexist content, including sexually graphic images of Ocasio-Cortez.

Their exchange during a House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing came weeks after ProPublica first reported on the Facebook group, containing about 9,500 members, in which posts targeting migrants and lawmakers were shared.

"Did you see the posts planning physical harm to myself and Congresswoman Escobar?" Ocasio-Cortez asked McAleenan, referring to Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas).

"Yes, and I directed an investigation within minutes of reading the article," he replied.

"Did you see the images of officers circulating photoshopped images of my violent rape?" Ocasio-Cortez asked.

"Yes, I did," McAleenan responded.

This department needs to be closed down completely and everyone fired.

The Perils of Pelosi vs. The Squad

I wish Pelosi would open up to her left colleagues, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon
byJeffrey C. Isaac

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be going out of her way not simply to distance herself from but to disparage the more progressive members of her own caucus, recently throwing shade on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley for their refusal to support recent legislation funding Trump’s detention-concentration camps. Paul Waldman, in his recent Post column, “Why is Nancy Pelosi doing this?,” rightly points out that Pelosi’s antagonism towards these four, and what they represent, seems unnecessary and indeed counter-productive to the goal of enhancing Democratic political power:

Pelosi’s majority depends more on what happens in the presidential race than anything else. In 2016, the correlation between presidential votes and House votes was a near-perfect .97, higher than it had ever been before. That’s the reality of our polarized electorate, where every race is nationalized.

To put it simply, if the Democrat wins in 2020, Democrats will hold their House majority, too. If Trump wins, they might lose it. What Pelosi can do at this point to make that election turn out the way she wants is to marshal every tool available to her to damage Trump.

It’s hard to blame more liberal Democrats for thinking she’s doing less than she could. And whatever you think about impeachment or any particular piece of legislation, at a minimum Pelosi could treat the activist base with a little less contempt.


My opinion is that impeachment would be the best tool to damage Trump and the Senate Republicans. And getting their crimes into the Congressional record.

I would love to know who that aide is.

Democrats Continue Search For The Smoking Gun They Already Have

Nancy Pelosi insists on more investigations, even though she thinks Trump has committed crimes.

WASHINGTON ― House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists President Donald Trump has committed crimes and is engaged in a cover-up. She also insists the remedy for these crimes and this cover-up is not an impeachment inquiry, but more investigations ― ostensibly to uncover crimes that special counsel Robert Mueller has already uncovered.

If the bottomless pleas for more oversight seem like a road to nowhere, you may finally understand how leaders plan to quell those in the caucus who want to impeach the president: continued investigations, tough talk about Trump, and calls for even more investigations.

Pelosi has navigated the last 2 1/2 months using some form of that strategy. Whenever the calls for impeachment get too loud, she’s able to hold off Resistance Twitter by saying Trump is “self-impeaching,” or that she’s “done with him,” or that he’s obstructed justice, or he’s throwing a “temper tantrum,” or “engaged in a cover-up,” or belongs in prison. And then she continues touting investigations that have thus far failed to reveal anything remotely as damaging as the Mueller report.
The strategy works for memes and “Yas Queen” T-shirts, but has been wearing thin within Pelosi’s own caucus.

“We’ve done the oversight,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) told HuffPost on Thursday. “They’re committing the crimes. We’ve won in court. They’re committing the crimes anyway. They’ve left us no choice but to impeach and we won’t impeach.”


Truth right here.

at the point of admitting it is all bullshit and they will do it anyway, and the people that listen to them know it is fake but they spread it anyway.... repeated so often it becomes their truth..

But it's not just RW anymore, it's everywhere.

AOC Tweet on Amazon.


I never said it was in this discussion George. I said the last time YOU and I spoke about AOC

her office not being open was a big concern to you. Odd how you can go off topic and bring in things that are not relevant to the conversation at hand but complain when others do.

Star Member George II (39,902 posts)

34. So, what do you think about her vote against reopening the government earlier this year....

....because she was against funding for ICE, not realizing that the bill she voted against didn't even contain any funding for ICE? "Stand up for what is right"? That's fine, as long as it truly is RIGHT.
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