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Autumn's Journal
Autumn's Journal
January 17, 2015

I do indeed love apples Nilla. There are many types of apples, here are a few I like

I hope you like some of them too. That will give us something in common to share.

Aurora Golden Gala, D'Arcy Spice,Shizuka, Silken, Irish Peach, Lobo, Grimes Golden, Tydeman's Early Worcester, Weirouge, and of course Zuccalmaglio'sReinette.

Now for baking, like pies, apple crisps and such I like to use Pink Lady, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Jazz, (which I personally have found is sometime hard to find) Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, McIntosh, Fuji, Gala, and of course Jonagold.

Have you ever had an Ard Cairn Russet apple? It's an old variety from Ireland and very reminiscent of a banana. Imagine that, an apple with a hint of banana flavor. There is also an apple called an Apricot Apple with an apricot flavor.

Did you know that the Cox's Orange Pippin is the finest dessert apple and get this, it was discovered as a chance seedling. Can you imagine that. Amazing isn't it. What if that little seedling had been thrown into the compost pile? Too horrible to contemplate.

So anyway I have shared my knowledge and love of apples just on the chance we can find common ground to grow and build a friendship.

I will admit I DO like Hillary. I like her so much that as a Grandmother I myself feel she will make a much better Grandmother than President, and I feel people should do what they can be good at. She was a great SOS wasn't she? Yay Hillary

Anything you want to share?

You are so right though my friend, Bernie is better than almost any democrat. He stands for the people and shares the best Democratic values. That's why most of the time he votes with the Democrats in the Senate. I have found when he votes against the Democrats in the Senate, they are not being very good Democrats. Now there's something else we have in common, Bernie is indeed a better Democrat than most democrats.

December 29, 2014

Fight for Our Progressive Vision

As I look ahead to this coming year, a number of thoughts come to mind.

First and foremost, against an enormous amount of corporate media noise and distraction, it is imperative that we not lose sight of what is most important and the vision that we stand for. We have got to stay focused on those issues that impact the lives of tens of millions of Americans who struggle every day to keep their heads above water economically, and who worry deeply about the kind of future their kids will have.

Yes. We make no apologies in stating that the great moral, economic and political issue of our time is the growing level of income and wealth inequality in our nation. It is a disgrace to everything this country is supposed to stand for when the top one-tenth of 1 percent owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent, and when one family (the Waltons) owns more wealth than the bottom 40 percent. No. The economy is not sustainable when the middle class continues to disappear and when 95 percent of all new income generated since the Wall Street crash goes to the top 1 percent. In order to create a vibrant economy, working families need disposable income. That is often not the case today.

Yes. We will continue the fight to have the United States join the rest of the industrialized world in understanding that health care is a human right of all people, not a privilege. We will end the current dysfunctional system in which 40 million Americans remain uninsured, and tens of millions more are underinsured. No. Private insurance companies and drug companies should not be making huge profits which result in the United States spending almost twice as much per capita on health care as any other nation with outcomes that are often not as good.

Yes. We believe that democracy means one person, one vote. It does not mean that the Koch Brothers and other billionaires should be able to buy elections through their ability to spend unlimited sums of money in campaigns. No. We will not accept Citizens United as the law of the land. We will overturn it through a constitutional amendment and move toward public funding of elections.
December 29, 2014

Letís abandon the Democrats: Stop blaming Fox News and stop hoping Elizabeth Warren will save us

The Democrats’ conduct since the midterm debacle is as sad and sorry as the campaign that caused it. The party’s leaders are a big problem. A bigger one is the closed system of high-dollar fundraising, reductionist polling and vapid messaging in which it is seemingly trapped. Some say a more populist Democratic Party will soon emerge. It won’t happen as long as these leaders and this system are in place.

Nancy Pelosi says it wasn’t a wave election. She’s right. It was the Johnstown Flood; as catastrophic and just as preventable. One year after the shutdown Republicans scored their biggest Senate win since 1980 and their biggest House win since 1928. Turnout was the lowest since 1942, when millions of GIs had the excellent excuse of being overseas fighting for their country.

Every Democratic alibi — midterm lull, sixth-year curse, red Senate map, vote suppression, gerrymandering, money — rings true, but all of them together can’t explain being swept by the most extreme major party in American history. Citing other statistics — demography, presidential turnout, Hillary’s polls — they assure us that in 2016 happy days will be here again. Don’t bet on it.

Our problem isn’t partisan gridlock but the stagnation of a political ecosystem imbalanced by the slow extinction of liberalism. In the shutdown Ted Cruz bestrode the world like a colossus till the Kochs, of all people, rode to the rescue. Wall Street was a major player but labor was invisible and progressives said barely a word. Their silence didn’t strengthen Obama, it weakened him. It was a perfect tableau of politics in our time. When the left goes AWOL, the right goes crazy.

November 5, 2014

OMG The queen Latifah show. Everyone needs to see these three girls


My jaw dropped to the dloor. Simply amazing young women. It gives me hope.


you have to sit through a sponser ad but my God it's worth it. Powerful.
September 16, 2014

72 percent of Americans disapprove of GOP in Congress: Poll


"Seventy-two percent of Americans disapprove of Republican members in Congress with 47 percent saying they “strongly” hate the political party, according to a recent poll.

The poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News said 61 percent of respondents are also unhappy with the Democratic party and 54 percent are dissatisfied with President Barack Obama.

Americans’ approval of Republicans has been abysmal for the past years, and that people around the world disliked Congress as a whole."

I found the last paragraph reassuring.

"According to the poll, 60 percent of Democrats approve of their party's members in Congress, while only 30 percent of Republicans have the same idea."
April 19, 2014

Elizabeth Warren Book Is A Liberal Call To Arms That Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking'


WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Warren's new book isn't just a memoir -- it's a full-throated endorsement of modern, populist liberalism and a scathing indictment of anti-government "magical thinking" by the tea party.

While the Democratic Massachusetts senator structures her new volume, A Fighting Chance, as a chronological tale of her life, she also uses her experiences to make strategic points and arguments about her political philosophy, which embraces government and the labor movement as forces for good.

"We can't bury our heads in the sand and pretend that if 'big government' disappears, so will society's toughest problems. That's just magical thinking -- and it's also dangerous thinking," Warren writes. "Our problems are getting bigger by the day and we need to develop some hardheaded, realistic responses. Instead of trying to starve the government or drown it in the bathtub, we need to tackle our problems head-on, and that will require better government."

April 6, 2014

No more NSA spying? Sorry, Mr Obama, but that's not true


Last week in the Hague, Barack Obama seemed to have suddenly remembered the oath he swore on his inauguration as president – that stuff about preserving, protecting and defending the constitution of the United States. At any rate, he announced that the NSA would end the "bulk collection" of telephone records and instead would be required to seek a new kind of court order to search data held by telecommunications companies.

This policy change is a tacit admission of what Edward Snowden (and 2001 whistleblower William Binney before him) had been claiming, namely that the warrantless surveillance of US citizens by the NSA and other government agencies does, in fact, violate the constitution of the United States. Obama's announcement looked to some observers as the first crack to appear in the implacable facade of the national surveillance state. This looked promising because, as we know from second world war movies, the first crack is inevitably the harbinger of the eventual total collapse of the dam.

Dream on. The significant thing about Obama's announcement is the two things it left out: surveillance of the internet (as distinct from the telephonic activity of American citizens); and of the rest of the world – that's you and me. So even if Obama succeeds in getting his little policy swerve through Congress, the central capabilities of the national surveillance state will remain in place, untouched and unimpaired.

At the heart of these capabilities is the "bulk collection" (that is, warrantless) collection and storage of communications metadata on an unimaginable scale. Given that metadata in this context is essentially a log of every communicative act that you make in cyberspace – where you went; who you emailed or texted; who emailed or texted you; the URL of every website you visited; a list of every web search you've ever made; and so on – metadata nowadays constitutes information of a very detailed and intimate nature
March 12, 2014

Did Alex Sink run on austerity and cutting SS in Florida?

I haven't paid any attention to that race but if Daily Kos is right I could see why the turnout for her would be low.

"And in this case, I don't blame our base voters. When Democrats like Alex Sink run on austerity, cutting Social Security and bringing back the Simpson-Bowles Catfood Commission, well, no one is inspired." Snippet from this article:


Edited to add this from madfloridian which answered my question.


February 23, 2012

I hate these obscene disgusting, vile white men

in this repuke debate with the white hot heat of a thousands suns. Listening to them discussing birth control and their fucking objections to it is just disgusting They are the most despicable, disgusting bunch of losers that have ever existed.

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