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Gender: Female
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 38,825

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Bernie Sanders, What the Hell Have You Done for Us Lately?


You donít have to like Bernie Sandersís ideas. I get it. Heís a Democratic Socialist, a progressive, and some folks donít like that. However, you can't say he doesn't have any accomplishments. Here are 28 of them, just to name a few.

~Sanders votes against the USA Patriot Act. "All of us want to protect the American people from terrorist attacks, but in a way that does not undermine basic freedoms," Sanders says at the time.

~Sanders votes against the Bush-Cheney war in Iraq. He warns at the time that an invasion could "result in anti-Americanism, instability and more terrorism." We now know that that war was one of the worst foreign policy decisions in our history.

~About 10 years before the 2008 Wall Street crash spins the world economy into a massive recession, Sanders votes "no" on a bill to undo decades of financial regulations enacted after the Great Depression. The House passed the bill 362-57 over Sanders' objection.

Very good article


I never imagined I would live to see those basic principles become radical.

As human beings we should be happy to see that those things are done, no questions asked. And yet we have democrats that consider them unnecessary or unattainable.

That certainly is revealing. .

And disgusting. The choice gets clearer day by day


OMG so Hillarish

Bernie on the mass shooting in Oregon

"The American people are horrified by these never-ending mass shootings. Our hearts go out to the families and friends of the innocent victims. As a nation, we must do everything we can to put an end to this awful epidemic of senseless slaughter.
We need a comprehensive approach. We need sensible gun-control legislation which prevents guns from being used by people who should not have them. We must greatly expand and improve our mental health capabilities so individuals and families can get the psychological help they need when they need it. We also have to tone down the incredibly high level of gratuitous violence which permeates our media.
The shouting at each other must end. The hard work of developing good policy must begin."

Holy shit that person is a MIRT member

This one?


So Independents should stay home in the GE.

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