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Police shoot dog in yard during search

Witnesses say 12-year-old male pitbull inside fenced yard was not lunging, growling or barking.

Police shot a dog Tuesday in North Toledo while executing a search warrant with the SWAT team.

Gregory Schrecongost, 26, of 1868 Chase St. was arrested on three drug-related charges after police searched his home.

People at the scene said officers shot Schrecongost’s 12-year-old male pitbull that had been inside the fenced yard when police arrived.

Police allegedly shot the dog — which onlookers said was not lunging, growling, or barking — from the sidewalk in front of the house before entering the gate


Police shoots Dog - because he can get away with it - warning Graphic video

FRucking disgusting

An Idaho police officer was caught on video fatally shooting a dog just yards away from the house where a birthday party was being held for the owner's 9-year-old son.

Dashcam video shows Officer Tarek Hassani of the Filer Police Department approaching dogs on the street and shooting Rick Clubb's 7-year-old black Lab.

“He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Clubb told the Times-News, which obtained the video. “It was right outside my son’s bedroom. What if it had ricocheted through the window?”


Ky. state police won’t investigate teen’s fatal shooting despite cam video evidence

Ky. state police won’t investigate teen’s fatal shooting despite cam video evidence

Kentucky state police declined to investigate the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old woman by a sheriff’s deputy, saying the Boone County sheriff had waited too long to ask for help.

Deputy Tyler Brockman shot and killed Samantha Ramsey in the early hours of April 26 as she tried to drive away from a party in a field along the Ohio River.

The deputy, who was investigating reports of underage drinking, said he grabbed onto the hood of Ramsey’s 2001 Subaru with his left hand and felt the car beginning to speed up – so he thought the driver was about to kill him.


When will the SCOTUS grant the citizens of this country relief from rampant State Sanctioned Murder
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