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The difference between a Freeper and an Obama Apologist cheerleading Wiretap programs

What makes it right when “Our Guy” does it.

We’ve known these programs existed for at least a decade even thou Intelligence organizations insisted they only monitored calls originating “Outside US Borders” and we even had discussions here on DU asking why are Bush, Cheney not in jail for their illegal activities.

Now here we are content with abolishing of the 4th Amendment rights and you know dam good and well the minute Wall St’s Wealthy Elite feel the slightest bit uncomfortable with all these “Citizens” walking around with firearms they will have their “Puppet in Office” abolish are 2nd Amendment Rights

I could go on for pages with all the reasons why our lapse of ethical standards is a fatal error.

Rather I’ll leave you with this. In the not so distant past – June 6th 1944, 100s of 1000s of Americans were prepared and willing to freely accepted their fate, knowing full well casualty estimates as high as 20% were expected. They did this to defend the American way of life and the Freedoms it represented. So sad here we are willing to trade in the sacrifice they made for the right to buy some cheap Bling made in China down at the mall

Senator Feinstein sells out Americans AGAIN

She is going to pull out all the stops and present us with props and charts and lie like a Collen Powell in front of the UN


One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year, House Dems Find

One Walmart's Low Wages Could Cost Taxpayers $900,000 Per Year, House Dems Find

Walmart wages are so low that many of its workers rely on food stamps and other government aid programs to fulfill their basic needs, a reality that could cost taxpayers as much as $900,000 at just one Walmart Supercenter in Wisconsin, according to a study released by Congressional Democrats on Thursday.

Though the study assumes that most workers who qualify for the public assistance programs do take advantage of them, it injects a potent data point into a national debate about the minimum wage at a time when many Walmart and fast food workers are mounting strikes in pursuit of higher wages.

The study uses Medicaid data released in Wisconsin to piece together the annual cost to taxpayers for providing a host of social safety net programs, including food stamps and publicly subsidized health care, to workers at one Supercenter in the state.

According to the report, Walmart had more workers enrolled in the state’s public health care program in the last quarter of last year than any other employer, with 3,216 people enrolled. When the dependents of those workers were factored in, the number of enrollees came to 9,207.

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