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Hate to say it - But since they Closed all the Medical Marijuana Clinics down

Crime has fallen off like a Rock

Did not know they had a major growing facility just around the corner from my house. I knew my next door neighbor worked at one of the major dispensaries in town and she often - VERY OFTEN brought her work home with her and had people coming and going all day and night from her house. So much so her husband quit is job and ran "errands" through out the day and night too.

Used to be "If it wasn't Nailed Down - it disappeared from your home" ANY THING - and EVERY THING - any thing that could be turned in for scrap value, any thing that could be sold, any thing and every thing that you didn't put under lock and key would be stolen from your yard.

But that ALL has changed now that DEA showed up in town

I've been a long time advocate of Marijuana Legalization but if this "Grand Social Experiment in Medical Marijuana" out here in California was some sort of test, the users, growers, and dispensaries FAILED MISERABLY and will suffer the legal ramifications for decades to come.

Los Angeles County just voted to revoke all permits for dispensaries ...

I really needed my gun this weekend

There I was - the fish were biting, the perfect fishing stream - the stuff legends are made of - and "Oh Shit !" there are bear shits, bear tracks, and bear sleeping dens all around me.

Now if I had been by myself I probably would have just took the chance, but my wife was with me and her small "Ankle Biter" of a dog and I knew it would be trouble if we aroused 1 of the small Brown Bears that frequent the area.

As it was, I left with out wetting my flies

on edit> A 357 revolver, no Gazzillion round ammo clip, no assault style rambo sights
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