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Breakthrough: Newfangled reactors will slash costs of nuclear power

Breakthrough: Newfangled reactors will slash costs of nuclear power

Environmentalists are increasingly emerging from the closet to back nuclear power for a low carbon energy future that staves off the ravages of CO2-induced climate change.

Yet some green campaigners who accept the nuclear argument still oppose the technology because, they say, nuclear reactors require a king's ransom to build.

Now, the Breakthrough Institute - a youthful group dedicated to "an ecologically vibrant planet" - has given those holdouts a good reason to drop their final objections and join the nuclear cause.

In their new report, How to Make Nuclear Cheap, Breakthrough notes that a number of alternative reactor types - the sort that regular SmartPlanet readers will recognize - augur affordable nuclear power.


County endorses park for teen shot by deputy

Source: The Associated Press

Officials in a San Francisco Bay Area county where a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a 13-year-old boy have endorsed work on a memorial park for the slain teen and voted to add lapel cameras to deputies' uniforms.

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors supported the measures and other proposals intended to restore trust in law enforcement and local government in the wake of Andy Lopez's shooting at its meeting on Tuesday, The Press Democrat of Santa Rosa reported.

Lopez was shot and killed by Sonoma County sheriff's deputy Erick Gelhaus on Oct. 22 as the teen walked in a Santa Rosa neighborhood. Gelhaus told investigators he believed the BB gun Lopez was carrying was an assault rifle. There are no videos of the shooting.

The shooting has led to numerous protests in the mostly Latino community, including one on Tuesday outside a fundraiser for Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch. The District Attorney's Office will decide if Gelhaus should be charged criminally. Protesters say Gelhaus opened fire without ample warning and have demanded criminal charges.

Read more: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=post&forum=1014

Slowly but surely the "Tide is Turning" in this horrible tragedy.

a couple days ago they voted to form a Citizen Review Board and now they are naming a new park after the poor child.

Appointments to be made in officer-involved shooting review task force

Ya think it might have some thing to do with the 5 Witnesses who claim the cop is lying

District Attorney Jill Ravitch defends Andy Lopez inquiry amid pair of protests

District Attorney Jill Ravitch defends Andy Lopez inquiry amid pair of protests

Beating on drums, pans and blowing on plastic stadium horns, about 150 activists protesting the shooting death of Andy Lopez picketed a re-election event Tuesday evening for Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch.

The demonstration was staged at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Rosa, where Ravitch was holding a pasta-feed fundraiser. The action is aimed at putting pressure on Ravitch to bring charges against the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed the 13-year-old Santa Rosa boy.

“We're here to send a message to the D.A. that we are not happy how she has addressed this issue,” said Donny Williams, part of a local group called the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez.

Inside the event, in one of the building's side halls, Ravitch supporters ate to the constant din of protesters outside. Every now and then, a protester banged on a window or closed door.


Appointments to be made in officer-involved shooting review task force - Andy Lopez shooting

Appointments to be made in officer-involved shooting review task force

In the wake of the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Andy Lopez by a sheriff's deputy, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Tuesday will begin appointing a Community and Law Enforcement Task Force that will consider recommending a process for an independent citizen's review of officer-involved shootings.

The 21-member task force's options include recommending a citizen review board, a police review/citizen oversight review board, a police review/citizen's appeal board or an independent citizen auditor.

In Sonoma County, a Grand Jury currently reviews the Sonoma County District Attorney's report on its investigation of officer-involved shootings. That report decides whether there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed.


Gun Commercial Banned From Super Bowl 2014 By Fox Due To NFL Rules

This has Fux Noise Fan's panties in a wad

Gun Commercial Banned From Super Bowl 2014 By Fox Due To NFL Rules

A commercial for gun manufacturer Daniel Defense won't be aired during Super Bowl XLVIII after FOX rejected the spot, according to GunsandAmmo.com. The one-minute ad was reportedly rejected due to NFL policy regarding prohibited advertising categories.

“Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category," FOX said in a statement to Daniel Defense, per GunsandAmmo.com.

Each year ads are rejected by the network broadcasting the Super Bowl for a variety of reasons. In some cases, these ads fall within one of the NFL's prohibited advertising categories. Regardless of the reason behind its rejection, a banned ad can seemingly generate as much attention as an ad permitted to air during the game.

"I remember one year when the networks wouldn't allow one of the Bud Light spots in the game, so Bud actually released it online as, 'the Super Bowl ad the networks wouldn't let you see,'" Tanin Blumberg, an account director at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Budweiser Super Bowl ad veteran, told Business Insider in February 2013. "It was pretty smart … got about 1 million views on YouTube in just a few days."


Black Friday Turns Dark as Twitter, Websites Track Injuries, Fights, Deaths

It was only a few hours into the annual Black Friday shopping sales this year when the Twitter hashtag #WalmartFights began trending, encouraging users to post photos and videos of shoppers getting violent at Walmart stores.

People using the hashtag posted photos and videos of bloody noses, paramedics wheeling stretchers, women smacking one another on the head, security officers wrestling shoppers to the ground and employees yelling at shoppers to stop recording the melees on their cellphones.

One Walmart shopper uploaded a video to YouTube showing a fight and claimed he was thrown out of the store for videotaping it.

The hashtag was just one sign of mounting violence at Black Friday sales around the country this year. In Las Vegas, a shopper was walking down the street with a big screen TV he had purchased shortly after midnight when he was shot by a passerby.
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