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It appears that the subscript and superscript HTML codes are still not working.

These are useful in the science forums.

Just letting you know...

Figure 13. (a) The dimensionless figure of merit (zT) as a function of temperature for n-type Mg3.07Sb[sub]1.5[/sub]Bi[/sub]0.5x[/sub]Se[sub]x[/sub]. (b) zT in n-type Mg[sub]3.07[/sub]Sb[sub]1.5[/sub]Bi[sub]0.48[/sub]Se[sub]0.02[/sub] and the comparison with the reported n-type Mg3Sb[sub]1.48[/sub]Bi[sub]0.48[/sub]Te[sub]0.04[/sub],(13) p-type Ag-doped Mg[sub]3[/sub]Sb[sub]2[/sub],(20) Mg3Sb[sub]2[/sub][/sub],(19) Mg[sub]3[/sub]Sb[sub]1.8Bi[SUB][sub]0.2[/sub],(22) and Mg[sub]3[/sub]Sb[sub]2[/sub].(22)

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