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Wonderfully characteristic cut and paste. This has no bearing on the $137,500 cost...

of the BMW i8 that rich boys are pushing here along with the stupid fantasy that these cars will be powered by the failed, expensive and frankly delusional coal and gas fig leaf that calls itself "the renewable energy" industry.

There are no countries on this planet - which apparently some people are only interested in pretending to save one billionaire at a time - that has a per capita income of $137,500 per year.



As for the electric car fantasy:

Germany will bring more than 7 GW of new coal plants on line before the end of 2014.


Unlike the so called "renewable" trash - which is lucky to operate at 30% of capacity utilization and which cannot function without expensive dangerous fossil fuel powered redundancies - coal plants are designed to run at 70-90% capacity utilization and if they don't run at these levels, the laws of thermodynamics require that their environmental and economic costs, already the worst in the world, will be even worse.

A systematic study of electric vehicles in China, where 100 million of them already function, published in one of the world's most prestigious environmental journals, Environmental Science and Technology showed that electric cars (as opposed to scooters) are worse than gasoline cars and almost as bad as diesels in terms of the cost to human health.


Let's be clear. Germany isn't building coal plants to operate them for a few "transitional" years, or decades. The plants are being built to operate for a huge fraction of a century, long after - I predict - these disgusting billionaire toys will be leaching heavy metals into landfills in an impoverished future.

But the oblivious billionaires and millionaires pushing the rich boy fantasy that their coal powered electric sports cars will be powered by wind and solar energy, neither care about human health nor the environment.

They're mindless provincials living in a "let them eat cake" empire of oblivion.

The Doom Fulfilled.

1888, Edward Coley Bourne-Jones (1833-1898), British.

From the Perseus Series.

At the Southampton City Art Gallery, Southampton, England.
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