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Qutzupalotl's Journal
Qutzupalotl's Journal
November 11, 2018

It's not unlikely Mueller has had everything from the beginning,

i.e., audio intercepts from our allies. But he also understands the necessity of not burning sources, especially allied intel. He would likely need a long time to find a way to build a case that does not involve the intercepts. My gut tells me this part is done. There is also the matter of countersuits questioning his legitimacy. While those legal arguments may be questionable, their use as propaganda could be formidable. Mueller will need to get favorable court rulings in both to solidify his legitimacy with the whole of the public — which he will need.

Mueller is demonstrably a patriot, and will try to avert a civil war; but he will not accommodate a traitor. He knows how to take down an organized criminal mob.

I do believe Mueller has thought this through and planned for the possibility the Democrats would win back the House, giving them their sole constitutional remedy for this situation. Before you say Republicans control the Senate and will never convict, I say: Never say never. We do not know the depth of depravity Mueller has uncovered. We do not know who in Congress has been indicted already. We do not know who will be left standing.

I urge patience and steady resolve.

November 8, 2018

Inspiring candidates can have a ripple effect.

Beto on the ballot helped flip the Texas school board, for instance.

McBath was no doubt helped by the presence of Abrams on the ticket. Ossoff was running all alone.

November 7, 2018

Rural voters don't see government helping them.

Urban voters see sidewalks, public transportation, public parks, construction ... your tax dollars at work. Out in the boonies they can’t even expect the cops to show up for a burglary, they have to fend for themselves. So they see government as a burden, whereas city folk see the fruits of their tax dollars.

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