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Faygo Kid

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 21,473

About Me

A skeptical idealist.

Journal Archives

Kathleen Turner at Press Club: Wow.

Posted without comment, but worth your time.

White straight male at 61 with more in common with inner city single moms than the GOP

More in common with a junkie trying to get straight, a gay person trying to get married, a recent college grad trying to find a job.

More in common with an immigrant trying to avoid being deported, a Muslim owning a store in Dearborn, a Christian at a food bank, an Iraq war vet with PTSD.

More in common with a woman making her own decision about abortion, a young person listening to music that I don't know, a mom or dad with a sick child without health care.

More in common with a peer without a job, a parent with Alzheimer's, a family living near a Koch-polluted river.

I'm supposed to be the GOP dream voter. Not a chance, ever. I don't know what happened to My Generation, but as for me, I'm here at DU for a reason. Peace, love and rock and roll still works.

And I'm voting for President Obama.
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