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I live in Kirkland WA.....UPDATE It's a nationwide shitshow!

Update 3/2 12:24 pm. It's now up to 6 dead in WA. With 18 people affected. There aren't many folks tested so we probably have many many more. The University of WA is reporting that it may have been in the community for well over a month. We are seeing more closures for decontamination efforts but IMO without testing that is just a noble but fruitless effort. It just takes one person to come in and spread the virus on surfaces again.

It was just reported that another person from the nursing home died today...So now that's two deaths here. In addition the confirmed cases county wide now is up to 10. I am not personally afraid. I am taking every precaution possible and am not putting myself in situations where I'm exposed to large amounts of people. Our Amazon Prime deliveries are backed up two days...So if you want to order delivery you need to think ahead. My family doesn't need to self quarantine at this point so we are still walking the dog and doing quick trips to the store. Costco was pretty much a mess yesterday. We weren't there, but heard it was a zoo and the stock was dwindling fast. Restaurants are empty and the facebook local groups are seeing lots more posting.

For the most part, I feel like the local news and government has been really good about providing information and education without un necessary fear mongering.

I'm telling you this because Kirkland really could be your town, your community. We are a fairly affluent community outside of Seattle. Our population is pretty much families who want to benefit from our beautiful lake, parks and excellent schools. It's not if anymore- it is when this will impact your community.

Please wash your hands, sanitize your hard surfaces like door knobs, and don't go out if you are feeling sick.
Posted by The empressof all | Sun Mar 1, 2020, 09:24 PM (72 replies)
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