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The empressof all

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Oxycontin and Coffee Cake....Margaret and Helen...

"Margaret, only in America can a white, Christian woman grow up to marry a white, Christian man and live in a lovely home and shop at a Piggly Wiggly. Maybe I should run for President. Of course I would need to go back to school and get a degree from Harvard or Yale first.

Now I thought the American public was smarter than this… Or maybe they are but the Republican base is just messing up the grading curve. Dress him however you want, but Romney is a rich son of a bitch. Period. He can talk all he wants about “Only in America…” but honest to God doesn’t anyone in the Republican Party see the irony in that? Only in America? He should say In America Only a wealthy guy in a business suit can get the Republican nomination. For Christ’s sake, the other guy is a black man raised by a single white woman. He’s a Christian mulatto who gets confused for a Kenyan Muslim. Now there’s your Only in America story. And evidently only in the Democratic Party as well.

I don’t have issues with a poor man becoming wealthy any more than I do with a wealthy man becoming President. But is that all you’ve got? Mitt’s father’s family was temporarily poor during the depression? Get in line. His Dad had a pet pony named Monty. Wow. Life was real a pile of shit for that guy. Who names their pony Monty?

Mitt Romney is George Bush all over again. Wealthy kid of a wealthy politician who has no earthly idea what it means to make the money stretch from one paycheck to another… Only in America my ass. ...

More at:

Posted by The empressof all | Wed May 30, 2012, 09:42 PM (2 replies)

Recipes and Household Tips from Great Writers!

OMG.....I want this book...What fun.

Milk by Kafka
Cold Toast and Stale Coffee by Steinbeck

and this tempting treat...

Then there’s the kitchen, with its delectable tapas bar of literary treats. Start with tarragon eggs à la Jane Austen:

40g butter
4 eggs
Ground pepper
Pinch of salt
2 teaspoons tarragon (fresh or dried)


The possibility that her eggs might find themselves cooked with the aristocratic herb sent Mrs. B— into such a state of excitement that Lady Cumberland would have risen to leave were it not for the promise of luncheon. Instead she instructed her host to produce the dish without delay: ‘I suggest you begin.’


Posted by The empressof all | Wed May 16, 2012, 06:07 PM (4 replies)

In this case, Margaret Speaks for me....

Margaret, I just called my friend Patricia to apologize for dipping her hair into that inkwell back in grade school. I feel bad that I did it and I feel even worse that she no longer remembers who I am or that she one time had hair long enough to put in pig tails. We’re getting old, Margaret. And you know what else is getting old? The parade of schmucks who keep running for political office.

The population of the United States is now over 300 million people. That means that every four years, one person out of 300 million gets the honor of being President of the greatest country on the planet. With those odds, you would think the Republican Party could have found someone who wasn’t a dry drunk like George W. Bush… or the bully in high school like Mitt Romney. I know. I know. We all did dumb things when we were young. Youth. I miss it like I miss my waistline. Shit happens… or in this case Mitt happened. “Back in high school, I did some dumb things,” Romney said. “And if anyone was hurt by that or offended, obviously I apologize for that.” Me too. I really do feel bad about dipping Patricia’s hair into that ink well.

Mitt went on to say, “There’s going to be some that want to talk about high school. Well, if you really think that’s important, be my guest.”

Thank you Mr. Romney, I think I will. I think I will talk about this because unfortunately we don’t seem to have solved the problem yet. Bullying is alive and well today and it is just as inexcusable today as it was 48 years ago. You can send your wife out to the media to laugh about your “wild and crazy” high school years but I wonder how the two of you would have reacted if one of your sons had done this same thing. Wild and crazy? Yes, actually. It was. And it’s even more wild and crazy today that anyone would want to honor you with the highest office in the land. Mitt was the son of a Governor… born into a privileged life. You can’t tell me he didn’t know any better."...

Posted by The empressof all | Fri May 11, 2012, 09:25 PM (1 replies)
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