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crickets's Journal
crickets's Journal
March 31, 2020

My only complaint about the 20 minute simulation

was that none of the people were moving, which is unusual for those standing around talking that long. I'd love to see how long droplets hang in the air and where/how quickly they move depending on how people move around, for instance in a grocery store aisle. Maybe then my relatives would stay home.

"But I only went out to the store and back a couple of times this week! Otherwise, I haven't been anywhere!"

I know not everyone can do it, but these are people who definitely can have their groceries delivered and they just will not, because they have to get out of the house on occasion dontchaknow. Don't even get me started on trying to convince them that they need to wipe down, wash and/or timeout everything that comes in from the store (or the mailbox) because *points up* of this kind of thing.

They think I'm overreacting.

March 31, 2020

Had the CDC pandemic team put in place by Obama still been there,

she likely would have been right.

I am scared and enraged because there's no central authority here. I don't understand what's going on.The CDC isn't giving press briefings. They're just absent. And that could be because the administration is muzzling them. Or it could mean that there's disarray inside the CDC. And I guess all of that will come out.

March 31, 2020

This is what it's going to take.

The feds don't have any serious numbers of tests on the way- that's all a lie. A patchwork of local efforts will have to get it done. Good for ASU. I hope more universities with these kinds of resources will see this and follow suit.

March 31, 2020

There's only so much they can do. Some of the responsibility for their safety is ours.

If you really want to help out your mail carrier and delivery people, periodically wipe down your mailbox handle and lid along with the rim of the box. When you are cleaning the outside doorknob, clean on and around your doorbell. It couldn't hurt. Every bit we do to cut down germs at transmission points is a good thing for all of us.

March 31, 2020

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

by Dennis E. Taylor. First in a light hearted SF trilogy; all filled with geeky pop references. Lots of fun.

For more southern humor, A Short History of a Small Place by T. R. Pearson. Anything by Fannie Flagg.

March 30, 2020

Oh, man. I miss Bartcop.

He knew everything.

[picture of Shirl]

March 30, 2020

Thank you, Jirel.

I am also in a red state. Our local government has stepped up with ordinances and closures. Our county hospital is reporting cases and, sadly, at least one death. Yes, there are some idiot leaders out there and there is idiot behavior going on, but there's plenty of that to go around.

Harping on red states serves no constructive purpose; it only stirs bad feelings and pits us against one another when we are all in this together. Please DU, it needs to stop.


eta - mine is not the only post in the thread about red states taking the situation seriously and taking action. The main problem we all have is lack of leadership from the top. Blame the real culprit for this: trump*.

March 30, 2020

Red state communities are shutting down more than you may realize.

Our community is not all that large but we are taking steps. The city council has passed an ordinance closing all schools and closing daycare for all but children of first responders and other emergency services. No more than two may gather on city owned property (sidewalks, bike trail and the like) and no public gatherings of larger than ten people--yes that means churches too, no on site alcohol sales, take out dining only with employees required to have their temperatures taken and tracked. The only businesses open to the public are pharmacies and grocery stores, all required to allow for social distancing. City Hall and the Police Department are drive up window only; misdemeanors are handled with non-custodial arrests. There is a curfew from 9pm to 6am.

Everyone in the country is dealing with having a feckless idiot in charge and that lack of leadership puts us all on the back foot, but ours is not the only community in the state taking these steps. Communities are following form with state wide requirements set out by our governor.

These days, other than people out mowing their lawns in the morning, it is so quiet. The normal background noise of kids playing in the yard down the street: gone. Traffic is a trickle. Maybe the city could have done something sooner, maybe they could do a little more. But make no mistake, the community is not ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away. We are fortunate enough to have a fine hospital here that serves the entire county. Sadly, there are coronavirus patients. At least one has died. It's very sad, was likely preventable as so much of this nightmare was. It didn't have to be this way for any of us.

It's easy to point fingers and blame the other, but now is not the time. If it bleeds, it leads: you're hearing loud noise about the worst of us with very little coverage of the rest of us because the noisy people get better ratings. The rest of us really are doing the best we can to take this seriously and deal with it responsibly. Now is not the time for picking sides for the political dodgeball team. We as a country need to try to be better than that.

We really are better than that.

March 30, 2020

Yale messed up, and no amount of "but, but..." is going to get rid of the black eye.

Notice that University of New Haven found a way to make it happen without hesitation. That's how you do. You step up.

The backlash from the Yale alums is going to be brutal, and well deserved.

March 30, 2020

Yep. It's too late, Lindsey. These things are already squarely on the shoulders

of trump* and the Republican party. It's way past time for warnings about screwing up and being accused of putting money before people. It's done, it's on full display.

You own it. All of you own the blame, and it's not going away. Ever.

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