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"fidelity to our Constitution"

means that the man who incited a crowd of his followers to insurrection does not just walk away from his crime untouched. The Capitol was ransacked, people died, and members of Congress had to hunker down where they could in fear for their very lives.

You want healing? Kick this man out, have him tried for his crimes against this country, and take your medicine for being part of the reason a mob was whipped into a frenzy that caused this. This is not politics as usual. Get real.


Wow, what Jamie Raskin has been through in just the last week.

How horrifying to go through the riot, but to be led away while your daughter is in the gallery, and then later to have her stuck hiding under a desk in Steny Hoyer's office... It's just unreal. Yet he is still there, faithfully carrying out the duties of his office on behalf the people. After all of the stress and lack of sleep, he gives the most clear, calm and cogent explanation of what has been happening, what needs to be done, and how it can be accomplished. He is brutally honest about the reasons why trump must be removed from office:

The reason this is all over the news right now is because we just saw the president of the United States inciting a mob that engaged in a violent insurrection and attempted takeover and perhaps a coup against the Congress of the United States while we were engaged in counting Electoral College votes and effectuating the peaceful transfer of power. It’s hard to think of a more egregious departure from the president’s obligation to faithfully execute the laws of the United States and to uphold the Constitution. [snip]

We have a president who is egging on violent, armed insurrection against the Congress of the United States in order to block the peaceful transfer of power. This president is either unable or unwilling to faithfully execute the laws and to uphold the Constitution. Therefore he cannot successfully discharge the powers and duties of office for the next 12 days. The public has no confidence, but more importantly here, the Congress, which is charged with making sure we are secure, has no confidence that this president can do it. Those Trump die-hard sycophants still out there will say this is some kind of partisan thing, but there is broad bipartisan consensus now that Donald Trump is a lethal danger to our republic. The only person who gets new power out of this [25th Amendment] is Vice President Pence, with whom I disagree about pretty much everything. But I do think that he is a sane person and has that basic respect for the Constitution. [snip]

But if this president had committed no other transgressions against the Constitution—and of course there have been dozens—addressing a rally of violent insurrectionists and inviting people to come to Washington and to get wild, with people who broke windows and entered the Capitol complex without going through a metal detector, that in itself would be an impeachable offense. That is a high crime akin to bribery and treason. It is essentially soliciting and aiding and abetting a violent attack on the people’s representatives.

Lot more, and well worth the read - thanks for the article link elleng. I knew little to nothing about Jamie Raskin before today, but I know about him now. I will not forget him.

Thank you for connecting the dots on that point.

I had wondered about it, and now it makes perfect sense. They needed to get out of the way to allow for a clear shot. Ashli Babbitt know what she was doing, knew it was wrong, and could not have failed to see guns drawn. The outcome was inevitable. My sympathies go out to the officer who was forced to shoot her in order to stop her. That couldn't have been easy to do, or to deal with afterward.

👆 This.

Pelosi and Pence were at the top of the list of people being searched for. The would-be assassins had specific preferred targets but would have been happy to take out anyone they could get their hands on. How some Republicans seem unfazed and don't recognize that they were in dire peril is a mystery. Anyone they found would have been taken hostage, and political party was no guarantee against getting killed.

Agreed that Nancy Pelosi is well aware, and knows she cannot afford to let this go. For her safety, and the safety of every single Congressional member, shit has got to get real.

One can only hope.

It's a wonder that more Repubs haven't come out of their trump fog after being evacuated or hunkered in secure locations for hours. One of yesterday's most chilling images is the picture of a rioter vaulting a brass railing in the Capitol with a fistful of zip ties in his hand. At least one of those goons was looking for hostages.

Is there really any going back to 'business as usual' after what happened, and even worse, what could have happened?

There is no reason at all to think impeachment would take long.

Joint session to save time, play three media clips, do it live so the whole country can see and hear it:

1. The GA phone call

read the related charges

2. His speech just before sending the rabble to the Capitol

read the related charges

3. This party vid

You don't need charges for this; the court of public opinion just gets a necessary little jolt for free.

Don't even break to separate chambers: HR ready? VOTE. Senate ready? VOTE.

If the Senate balks, show them this picture:


Takes two, three hours tops. Done.

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