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Of all the insurrectionists, he seems the most likely to be able to make this plea stick. Long ago...

Once upon a time, in cultures very different from the one we find ourselves in today, there was a place for people who talked with the spirits, and they trained up the few like themselves and taught their apprentices how to channel the wild energies. Other people came to them for what they knew or could discover about the future or the will of the spirits.

There is one school of thought — which I find intriguing — that today many of these very-long-ago people would be diagnosed much as the “Shaman” has been.

Times changed. The spirits became demons from Hell, and people like the “Shaman” got burned at the stake.
Times changed again. People like the “Shaman” were locked away for the good of society and their own safety.
Times changed again. Scientists discovered they could close the channels to the wild spirits with medication.
Times changed. Governor Ronald Reagan closed the mental institutions as no longer needed, thanks to the new medications. (The ACLU helped, by the way. Free will, and all that.) People were cast out to “freely” decide whether they would take their medications (if they could access them) or sleep under a bridge, and their families were left to try to care for them.

I suspect he will be released to the custody of the same mother who has been trying to take care of him all along. If he takes his medications, he will calm down and his mother’s life will be easier. On the other hand, if he does take all his meds, his life will assuredly be lonely without the wild spirits and will lack purpose.

Plenty of fights here about it. I got so my only reply was "SCOTUS, SCOTUS, SCOTUS"...

I had lunch with an old lefty political friend 2 weeks before the election and couldn’t dissuade her from Hillary-hatred.

I never saw her again — true, I moved, but my email address is still the same, and I have a phone. I just … couldn’t. The election of Trump was a gut-punch like no other.

And here we are, as Fiona Hill said in her testimony.

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