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WaPo on insurrection. Many many thanks. I have tried to download it to my e-books library as a pdf...

… and after a number of tries I think I have all the text. Well, except things like tweets, which for some reason don’t like this process. Also, it is a multi-media effort and can’t be captured in a static pdf.

This is humongously long, isn’t it? It’s hundreds and hundreds of pages. It’ll take quite awhile to read and digest, and I’m glad to be able to do that at my leisure without WaPo kvetching at me to subscribe. I’m adding this post to my DU Journal, in hopes that your link will still work if I try to go back.

13. Try this link
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TY, & recommend people read it all. Fascinating, dystopian, nightmarish. Infrastructure, dammit.

Some here keep tut-tutting about American overconsumption, but excuse me all to hell, all my family’s prescription medications are being shipped in as we speak, because it’s cheaper to make them on the other side of the globe than it is to make them in the US.

That, too, is a big part of the problem. America doesn’t make its own necessities any more.

Just got off the phone with my evacuated daughter. Her little place still stands, but she won't ...

… be able to move back until probably January due to the potential for rock slides and mud slides. She and her significant other have a certain array of options, though, thank gods. And they are philosophical: California burns, and their area shouldn’t burn over again for a number of years.

The search for goods & profits & trade routes (capitalism, so to speak) has been the driving force...

… for exploration for millennia. Military motives as well.

I am not disturbed by the Billionaire Boys’ Club Race to the Stars. Up to this point space travel has been funded by and controlled by the federal government & its military arm, & those chosen as crew have had to be in the absolute peak of health and condition.

When civilians finally got involved, it took money— piles and piles of money— which meant a self-selected group of billionaires.

But something else happened. When they started choosing passengers, they chose people who could pay, not young military jet pilots in the peak of condition. They chose, ultimately, an overweight 90 year old man.

Boldly going where no nonagenarian has gone before, William Shatner just proved that anybody can go to outer space now. Frankly, I am stoked. Talk about a great leap for humankind.

Kicktoons. "What country is this?"

I hope this toon goes right up there in the pantheon of Doonesbury greats, along with “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” (also uttered by Marl Slackmeyer)

So am I. Anti-Mormon bigotry is broadly acceptable here for some reason...

Like you, I am not a Mormon. I disagree with a lot of their beliefs and a lot of their culture, but as long as they break no secular laws, that’s fine.

“Magic underwear” seems to be a fixation for mockery, yet many if not most very religious sects set themselves apart by their clothing.

Last time I was in the airport at Salt Lake City I saw a pair of Buddhist monks in saffron robes walk by — Tibetan branch, if I’m not mistaken. Roman Catholic nuns, monks, and priests — Buddhist nuns, monks, and priests — the Amish — Orthodox Jewish men with their tzitzit and payas — Muslim women in hijab —

What kind of frontier outpost do you have to live in that you’d miss seeing any of these folk walking by? And what kind of boor would you be to mock them for their garb? Yet the thought of “magic underwear” which cannot even be seen, just sets people off.

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