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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,979

Journal Archives

Uncle Sam is now a faithless ally among the nations. Lady Liberty might as well drown her torch.

Do you want her to get under his skin or don't you? He is extraordinarily vain & a murderous bully

He really does not give a flying fck if we call him a murderous bully with blood on his hands.

But an offense to his vanity, especially by a woman, sends him into a rage he cannot control.

Do not ever mistake what Nancy Pelosi is doing for body-shaming or fat-shaming or whatever your personal anxiety is. Just don't. She's better than that and smarter than that.

A tale of two housekeepers, restoration of faith in humanity version...

Note: this is a class of worker with no safety net, for a variety of reasons.

Housekeeper #1 -- Cita, who's worked for me for almost 3 years. I texted her about 2 months ago that due to our age and doctor's recommendation my husband and I weren't going to be having anyone in the house, but that I would send her some money. (The doctor in question was Dr. Fauci) I told no one, because why would I?

A week or so later I saw a post on the Neighborhood site from someone a street or so away who had obviously given the situation some thought -- he said he realized he could afford to keep paying his housekeeper for the duration, so he was going to do so. That provoked several similar responses.

I was really pleased to hear it. It is the right thing to do, if you can, and in this neighborhood there are few who cannot.

Housekeeper #2 -- Juan and his wife. My old friend friend Leona lives in subsidized senior housing. Her income is very restricted, but on occasion when she can afford it she will hire someone to "do" for her, and that's how she got to know the Juans. Apparently a few of her neighbors do the same and they also know this couple.

Leona recently called Mrs Juan up (she being the one who speaks English) and asked if she could use some canned goods. Oh yes, yes, thank you, can I send my husband over right now?

Leona sprang into action and called on as many of her immediate neighbors as she could. By the time he got there there were two or three grocery bags filled so full he could scarcely carry them.

And this is a neighborhood where -- it's not so easy to share, but they did. Restoration of faith in humanity accomplished.

Thank you, scarletwoman

A capitalist is someone who will sell you the rope with which you hang him.

Iron enough to make a nail...

These are the things that make a man

Iron enough to make a nail
Lime enough to paint a wall
Water wnough to drown a dog
Sulphur enough to stop the fleas
Potash enough to wash a shirt
Gold enough to buy a bean
Silver enough to coat a pin
Lead enough to ballast a bird
Phosphor enough to light the town
Poison enough to kill a cow;

Strength enough to build a home
Time enough to hold a child
Love enough to break a heart

(Child's rhyme from "Wintersmith" )

So-- guns and threats of violence will cause your state government to cave on vital safety measures

While President Clockwork Orange cheers on the domestic white terrorists.

This breakdown of law and order should chill us all to the bone.

"Our stupid useless journalists," as you call them, are very busy researching & reporting ...

We all have our TV favorites, but I make a point of watching Nicolle Wallace and Rachel Maddow. I subscribe to the Los Angeles Times because I live in its region, and they are a very good paper indeed.

Others frequently cited here are New York Times, Washington Post, and UK Guardian. Also frequently cited here are Mother Jones, Atlantic, and Rolling Stone. If you read an excerpt at DU, just follow the links.

There's an embarrassment of riches at your doorstep and at your fingertips.

Whatever she is a "victim" of, it isn't the Dem candidate for president. Her story is a hit job...

...her story is sexual Swiftboating.

The GOP and Putin both know that sexual abuse is a "trigger" for us Democrats, and that if they pull that trigger enough times we will kill our own, deservedly or not.

The Me Too movement was not intended to be the New Puritanism, nor was it intended to be the prelude to the New Salem Witch Craze, where an accusation, however ludicrous, could lead to the public hanging of innocent people.

When it comes to believing women -- sorry, but it is not unconditional in politics in this day and age. We were manipulated into dumping Al Franken without due process, and that manipulation proceeds apace. Consider the source, consider their associates. This isn't the old "What were you wearing, lady?" schtick. This is being intelligent enough to check what other motives the accuser might have before running with the story. If even Ronan Farrow declines to take it up, something is really wrong.

The attempted murder of Joe Biden's reputation is infuriating on so many levels. If his lifelong career in politics had not been clean, Obama would not have take Biden as VP. Then Obama's administration itself was clean and scandal free, and we are all aware that the GOP tried every day to pin something, anything, nasty on both Obama and Biden -- finally settling on lying about that old reliable, Hillary, because that always works.

In this campaign, Trump-GOP tried political malfeasance (Ukraine), and now they are trying sex. What will they try next? What bait will we take? What bait will we be dumb enough to take?

Biden was instrumental in getting the ACA passed. It needs to be restored & augmented. How about ...

...if these oh-so-concerned "progressives" HELP with that going forward instead of taking every opportunity to blame Democratic candidates for not having passed Medicare for All in a hostile environment? That hostile environment being the entire GOP attempting to rip the ACA to shreds every single day from the moment it was signed into law.

So I understand progressives are concerned, so very very concerned -- but just for once can they keep their eyes on the goal here?

Ooo, both violent & passive-aggressive. Good trick.

See ya around.
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