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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,159

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Ah, I see the point of departure. I've heard & disagreed w him innumerable times on PBS...

...opposite Mark Sheilds, but this time he had me at John Locke & the rest of his connection to the currents of actual Western history. After 8 years of Dubya living ahistorically in a version of the eternal now, and the horrendous Trump living in a solopsistic bubble, it's a pleasure to read someone who sees history as something alive.

I, too, have observed the rise of populism around the planet with great dismay, and I don't trust it. All too often it is used as a mask for the rise of authoritarian regimes.

Not that that would ever happen with someone running in my party, right?

But it is a fact that there is only one group of people at DU who feel the need to make all the rest of us sign loyalty oaths in case it's our candidate who doesn't get the nomination, while theirs does. People hoping for Amy K, Mayor Pete, Elizabeth Warren, good old Joe -- I have not seen a single post or survey from them demanding we swear to vote for their candidate despite presumably overwhelming disappointment should someone else not make the cut. The Yang Gang didn't. Didn't hear it from Beto's people.

Just one group feels that kind of anxiety (not everyone, but a visible minority) -- and it is the same group, ironically, who harbors people who still say (outside of DU, to be sure, thanks to the TOS) they will raise a stink at the convention if their personal candidate is not the nominee despite what the rules say. Meanwhile, here comes another post explaining in detail why we, the base of the party, the establishment (so I've heard) have to promise we will vote for the gentleman if he gets the nomination. I don't see how this is even a question -- for Democrats.

Have a good day, Prof. Plum.

Would recommend watching MSNBC both Nicolle Wallace & Rachel Maddow

...for news and knowledgable panelists. Try to get the past couple of days of their shows online if you can, then just make a point of pre-recording & watching.

Get an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for use outside the home, & use it often. Rub for 20 seconds (I just got out of the hospital & there were signs everywhere -- trust me: rub for 20 secs). Or sing Happy Birthday under your breath. Don't shake hands with people. Cough into your sleeve/elbow and not into your hand or the air. For years I've kept a roll of hand wipes in my car to clean up when leaving grocery stores and the like, and when I'm done with my hands I use the same wipe on my steering wheel. I may become more careful.

Yes, you & I are in a higher risk group due to age and pre-existing conditions. It is what it is.

No, this is not the flu, and no, a vaccine is not going to be available "soon." It will take 12-18 months, because Science.

The distinguishing features are not really like a cold, if I understand correctly. Dry cough. Fever. Not an upper respiratory infection, but one that sinks deep into the lower lungs.

The way scientists calculate rate of spread and risk of death is higher mathematics afaiac, but it is true and real.

Finally, the supply chain from China is being disrupted. Why should we care, since we're not going to need a new piece of electronics in the near future? Well, there's something I call "ingredients." Even if the prepared food you buy says made in the USA, chances are a whole bunch of the unpronounceable chemicals in it are sourced to China. Plus an incredible percentage of prescription medications and OTC supplements are made in China as well. Someone on Nicolle's panel suggested trying to get a 3-month supply of your prescriptions as opposed to a 30-day supply, but given all my recent experiences with Anthem Blue Cross, I'm just going to check my inventory for general up-to-dateness.

Best of luck to you, and to all of us.

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