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How much? The last paragraphs are important (OTC, safe over wide dose range, socially responsible)

...but in scanning through the article, I feel like I am walking a maze not built for laymen.

I only know Melatonin as an OTC (over the counter) sleep aid, so bedtime use only and only as I remember.

So my questions are:
When to start? At onset of symptoms, onset of exposure, or prophylactically generally?
What dosage? My bottle is 5 mg, take one.
How many times a day?

Same questions about Zinc and D. Pretty damn sure I get enough D, as my doc started me on it several months ago: 50,000 units once a week. Zinc is part of my Calcium tablets.

Sorry to lay this on you! But you are the latest in a string of posters recommending supplements, and the only one I can recall who actually linked to a medical article, which I always appreciate. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction?


The Admins WERE prepared. This wasn't their first dance as far as the site being swamped w traffic

...on an election night. They had everything in place.

Then Ka-Boom.

I think it must have been like the local Sheriff getting ready for the university kidsí Halloween bash. You know, the one that got written up online last year.

Mutual aid from the next county over: check. All personnel present: Traffic cones: check. Road barriers: check. ID checkpoints: check. Hospital tent: check.

And then some *hole sets off a bomb.

DU was sabotaged and vandalized in 2016. Whoever did it tried to murder DU.

I canít be the only one who remembers the info we were given by the Admins, once they repaired the damage and got the site back online. Yes, they went to the police. Yes, they went to the FBI. Yes, they have a lawyer. No, there is no more information forthcoming, on legal advice.

So, no matter how many times they point out THEY BURNED THEIR BRIDGES TO THE GOP...

...you are going to spend a portion of every day cussing them out on posts online?

Yeah, thatíll help us Dems.

Sisters! Resisters! Portland Moms! Throw the bastards out! 2016 Women's March will bear fruit....

59% Biden to 36% Mad King ó> Now youíre talking.

Men: be there or be square.

I have hardly dared hope.

Fanatics are 100% sure about their actions when it comes to God.You think Savanarola doubted himself

...at all? You think the monks of the Spanish Inquisition paused while heating the instruments of torture?

The men who wrote the Constitution in the 18th century knew their European history: the entire continent (and offshore islands like Britain) was soaked in the blood of martyrs and supposed heretics.

They did not want a theocracy here.

Yet our other founding story does involve theocracy: the Pilgrims and Puritans explicitly came to found a new world based on the Bible. And this other founding story has never gone away.

Putin is positioned to "win" without firing a shot. He has propaganda & disinfo on social media...

He has hackers meddling in all 50 states. He has US Senators & Congressmen in his pocket. He has the POTUS, for the love of God. He knows our electronic voting systems. He knows our national electronic infrastructure.

At this point, missiles are for amateurs ó theyíre very expensive & they leave a mess.

I donít think he necessarily wants our US territory as such. What he wants is to destabilize Western democracies into bickering little countries that canít unite to oppose him.He wants the US weakened and irrelevant. He wants NATO gone. He wants the USSR back, under a modern name.

Trump is the most useful idiot in the entire history of useful idiots, but the groundwork was laid by men like Mitch McConnell long before he showed up in DC.

Well, itís 2am here, so I think I better put the tablet away and try to sleep, having already had my nightmare, so to speak.

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