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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
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I have never --ever-- encountered an American of African descent who self-identified that way...

...unless they were in fact born in Africa.

Whatever your acquaintances may intend, if they were born in America there is an implicit denial of the citizenship that is theirs by right.

The political flyer/poster being discussed here contained several clues as to its non-American & possibly Eastern European origin. Taken together, they form a gestalt that clearly indicates that whatever person or group behind it is no friend of African Americans/Black people/POC living in America.

(Take your pick of whatever the current preferred appellation is; I do my best to keep up, but it's changed at least half-a-dozen times in my lifetime, and at the moment I am grimly amused to find we are just about back to my humane and polite grandmother's term "colored people," and she was born in the 1880s and lived through 3/4 of the tumultuous 20th century. And POC is self-chosen, so go figure.)

To my surprise, Michael Moore made some very interesting points...

I originally put this observation in a thread bashing him, and have left it there. But I decided to give it a fresh start, just because.

I heard something completely different than the rest of you:

Moore said that the traditional 'Joe Lunchbox' hardly exists anymore as a % of voters...

...if you're talking about white blue-collar voters. When you are talking about blue collar voters today, you are talking about women, POC, young people, and workers in the gig economy. He talked about the tens of millions (40 million?) young people that have come of voting age in recent years.

About 1/3 of white men voted for Hillary, and God bless them, welcome to the Dem Party. (Did I get that right?)

But in general white men had not been voting for the Dem Party for quite a few presidential election cycles already -- in any case, he did say that to sit around talking about Reagan Democrats and such in 2019 was (for the younger set) like us listening to our parents talk about Woodrow Wilson -- it just made our eyes roll back in our heads and go listen to the Beatles.

Reagan Democrats and their ilk are gone for us. Forget about trying to get them back. Focus in who our constituency really is TODAY: women, POC, young people, and so on.

I was impressed. Dear DUers, based on what you've been complaining about recently, I thought Michael Moore was not our friend any more and had nothing left to contribute. I almost changed the channel but hubby wanted to hear him. This time, I'm glad I heard him out.
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