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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
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I see what you're doing with your series of trick-Q OPs. What sort of answers are you looking for?

In particular, what do you imagine any Biden supporter will say? As far as I can tell, we Biden supporters are all well past the stage where we think any single candidate is God's Answer to All Our Problems.

Joe Biden is a little older than I'd like, but anyone who's clinging to either Warren or Sanders really should not be talking about Biden's age.

Joe's a good man with a proven liberal record. Lib-er-al. He has not adopted the latest buzzwords, but he's been a liberal his whole life. Likeable? He melts my heart with his sincerity. On target? His opening campaign video with the Charlottesville Nazis made me cry. Godlke and without flaws? Uh -- no.

But look at our field of candidates. With the exception of Tulsi "The Mole" Gabbard, every single one believes in and acts on core Democratic principles. We'd all have to be really, really, really stupid to sit this one out or vote for someone like Jill Stein. I don't think Biden supporters are that stupid.

Does that answer your question?

Remember that haunting question: "If you always wondered what you would've done in 1930s...

... Germany? Well, you're doing it now."

There were pastors who opposed the Nazis, at great risk to their own lives.

Then there were the others.

Be my guest! Ronald Reagan (or his speechwriter, Peggy Noonan) had the gift of uplifting words...

Now, personally I think Ronnie was a fraud, but you have to admit that phrases like "It's morning in America" and " ( America is) a shining city on a hill" really resonate with how we have always liked to see ourselves. Those words called out to our better natures.

Every president in my lifetime, no matter which party, has managed to produce something uplifting and fairly optimistic for an acceptance speech at his nomination and for his Inaugural speech.

Not Donald Trump. With him, what you see is what you get: dark, thuggish, full of hate and derision. At every moment when he is offered a chance to show us something else, he reverts to what he is and how he sees the world. There is no "morning" imagery, just grievance and resentment.

My most enduring impression of his acceptance speech will always be of Nicolle Wallace and Steve Schmidt, two experienced Republican operatives/commentators working for NBC, sitting in the darkness of the arena afterward, absolutely stunned and sickened by what they had just witnessed. Schmidt started talking about the Constitution and the intent of the Framers with depth and insight, and the man just choked up.

First, "the American people" voted for Hillary over Trump by 3 million votes. The "lesson"...

...that needs to be learned has to do with fighting against New Jim Crow Laws that suppress votes, vicious gerrymandering that carves out seeming GOP majorities from what are actually majority-Dem districts, and old-fashioned crap like that. Obama, Holder, and other high profile Dems are working on this, and you can check it out at All On The Line.

In addition, there are 3rd-party and spoiler candidates that invariably peel off left-leaning folk and young idealists. Democratic tolerance works against us in close elections. I, for one, am no longer amused and have run out of tolerance.

The new-fangled stuff has to do with electronic voting machinery that is and always has been hackable. It's not so much that your vote get flipped before your eyes (though that has happened), but that totals can so easily be changed in mid-transmission. Paper ballots are far more reliable, and we need laws that stop over-excitable media types from calling elections before votes are truly counted.

More new-fangled chicanery is the use of Face Book to transmit propaganda. Right now, the GOP and Russian bots own the FB political advertising and comment space. First we need to convince one of those billionaires running a vanity-campaign to redirect their money toward FB in a way beneficial to all Dems. Second, as soon as we can get rid of Moscow Mitch and Red Don, the House and Senate need to rein in Zuckerberg with sharp-toothed laws about his business practices.

Finally, we have to recognize that our last presidential election was subverted, sabotaged, and invaded by a hostile foreign power, and act accordingly. Again, getting rid of McConnell and Trump are Priority One, as they and their enablers are literally treasonous.

Not every voter knows all this, but DUers do, and it is our job to keep straight in our minds that the majority of the American people did NOT vote for this.

Just saw Colbert on "perineum sunning" & haven't laughed so hard in years...

Josh Brolin got sunburned in the place where the sun don't shine, and he is upset

Because this is allegedly an ancient Taoist practice

And all I can imagine is a bunch of pranksters passing around a joint and saying, "Hey, dude, they went for goat yoga, didn't they? .... This time we'll tell them to let the sun shine into their butts for a great spiritual experience."

Great Goddess, I howled with laughter.
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