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My late MIL was Viennese. She said it always baffled her that Jews were simultaneously accused ...

...of being Communists (i.e. against all capitalism) and being The Bankers (i.e. holding all the capital). Her ironic comment was along the lines of "Good trick on our part, eh?"

As for how and why the Jews were made into forever-bogeymen by haters, we watched it happen to Hillary Clinton before our very eyes. She -- a white Christian woman -- was turned into The Other because it was useful to somebody, and they will continue after she is cold in her grave. They did it to "Liberals" as well -- right in front of us.

How much more so the Jews, a whole people labeled as The Other some 2,000 years ago -- so useful every time some despot needs a distraction and/or needs to stir up a mob. All that's needed is to keep a subcritical mass of people simmering and a critical mass of "polite society" willing to keep using or ignoring casual slurs. There you have the poisonous brew waiting to boil over.

It seems to have nothing to do with reason and everything to do with how useful it is to have a scapegoat handy in times of stress.

I used to search for the origins and history of anti-Semitism in an effort to understand how Hitler happened. I still highly recommend this exercise to any who have not done it.

But at some point in the last decade or so I realized it is useful to someone, and started asking instead: Who does it serve?

To the ones who posted, both agreeing and disagreeing: thanks. I just got really triggered today...

Mostly it was Steve Schmidt being so very very explicit about the bombs: Attempted assassination of all our top leadership. Worse than the day after Lincoln's assassination. If successful, would be the equivalent of 9-11 happening right now.

By the time Ms Allemany started talking about being at all those rallies on the campaign trail, I could hardly breathe. My reaction -- and my husband's statement that he had not known the extent of the pre-election violence either, based on news reports -- showed up in my OP.

Personally, I believe more bombs are in the mail, still in a sorting station somewhere. I believe they were intended to kill or maim, not just frighten, and that only the maker's lack of practice made them duds.

Someone intended to assassinate our entire top leadership -- they tried to -- and they will try again. With Trump cheering them on.
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