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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,322

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Nancy usually knows exactly what she's talking about. When she says "Yet," she means it.

She doesn't mean she thinks your idea is a bad idea. She doesn't mean she disapproves of your idea.

What she means is (and she says it in words of one syllable) that the votes are not yet there to accomplish what you (and so many of us) want accomplished.

If the votes were there, she would round up the Democrats and get it done. But they are not. We are a minority party in Congress, and she is working with what she's got.

If the votes had been there for impeachment, it would have been on the table. I do not know what is so hard to understand about that.

If the votes were there for single payer, it would have happened back when Hillary proposed it and instead got crucified. Likewise when Obama's ACA so laboriously made its way thru. Nancy Pelosi cannot manufacture votes out of thin air. But she is damn good at collecting them or holding them back when the time is right.

Speaking of holding votes back: anybody remember how many Democrats in the House voted for Trumpcare?

Zero. Zip. Nada. And that would not have happened without the skills of Nancy Pelosi.

Every reference the pervert makes to women and blood is a reference to menstruation...

Women disgust Tinyhands.

Breastfeeding: "She was disgusting!" Needing to take a bathroom break: "It was disgusting!" Daring to disagree with him, even gently: "She was bleeding from her eyes. From her (smirk) wherever." Getting all in his face after a year of ass-kissing: "They were asking to see me for three nights. But she was bleeding badly from her -- facelift! -- and I said no!"

Note that the men involved are never the target if there is a woman present that he can "hit back 10 times harder." Also note the pattern of disgust aimed at women, and the repeated references to blood. That bit psychologically is always about menstruation and how frightening it is to some men. Claiming disgust is an attempt to deny the man's fear and disempower the woman with shame and fear, and by extension all women.

We went from Barack Obama to this unevolved pig. I will never get over that.

Trump, bellowing, targeted "Little Katy Tur right over there" at his rallies...

The MAGA-hats turned in her direction, also bellowing. The Secret Service (!) were sufficiently concerned that on one occasion they personally escorted her out to her car at the end.

Trump was encouraging violence against someone he perceived as vulnerable, a young newswoman who dared to question him and speak out of turn. He did it on purpose -- his silence was not one of cowardice but of satisfaction.

This is his pattern.

Who says things like that? An unhinged misogynist. Women disgust him. How many times ....

...does he have to say it?

All of women's natural bodily functions -- remember the young lawyer taking his deposition? She planned ahead for a nursing break. He didn't want to let her leave -- she finally had to tell the people in the room *why* -- and he said publicly and often that "she was disgusting!"

Breaks were planned at the debates, and the women's restroom was miles away from the stage, while the men's was practically around the corner. Hillary was belated: I remember the comments from the moderators then, the mockery here -- and later on, Tinyhands Trump sneering that she was "disgusting."

How many times does he have to say it?

The continuing references to women bleeding are an unsubtle reference to menstruation, which some men are disgusted by, and afraid of. They can't admit the fear, so they go with the disgust. Sigmund Freud would have loved a peek inside Tinyhands' head. This one's a classic. Being challenged by a woman in ANY way will being out the blood-taunts. The sneers. The disgust.

Newt Gingrich wrote the alt-vocabulary list & he was media-savvy. Look to Newt & the long game. nt

"Bias"? Hillary won, egberto. She got more votes than Bernie, and more than Trump.

The "coming civil war" is not being generated from Hillary's side.

1) Democrats get excited by presidential elections. Midterms are booooring. Or something...

2) Republicans SHOW UP for midterms. The GOP reliably gives them ballot issues they care about in the midterms, and they show up. You know -- God, Guns, & Gays?

Once in office, the majority party has the say on issues like redistricting, and the GOP say, "Let's gerrymander the hell out of this place!"

Rinse, repeat. As long as Democrats keep sitting on their asses during midterms, this will be the pattern.

3) Returning to point 2, The Republican Party has been playing the Long Game for two generations. Democrats -- well, I'll let you fill in the blanks from your experience here.

This is the short version, obviously.

"Elsewhere" got it wrong. Watch Rachel Maddow and keep up. Mueller has assembled an amazing...

...legal team, and he is going to Follow the Money, Honey. Why is that? Because Putin and the Oligarchs bought Trump's whole family for cash on the barrelhead.

For someone who was born and raised during the Cold War, this has been a bit hard to wrap my head around. Betrayal of country in those days was about ideology on the whole. Oh of course there were some who were blackmailed and some who did it for money, but the ideological lines were clear.

When people say that "Trump is not ideological" it eventually becomes clear that he has no allegiance to our country. His allegiance is to himself, his money, his ego, and his family. Money and the notoriety it can buy are what drives him.

In the 21st Century it is all so simple for Vladimir Putin. Oh sure the old KGB man keeps his hand in with kompromat files and losers like Greenwald, Assange, and Snowden, who think they are doing the world a favor. But with Trump and people like him? It's only money and the money flows like water, with Putin controlling the tap.

Trump sold out our democracy for nothing more than money. Don't kid yourself -- following the money will lead straight to the treason.

And I wish we still hanged traitors.

Same here. A friend I had worked with opposing BushCheney...

...and for many years before that on liberal social justice causes -- we didn't get together that often any more, maybe once a month or so, but we had lunch just a few weeks before the election, and I was utterly appalled at the shit she was saying about Hillary.

And I have not reached out to her in all the months since then.
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