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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 71,206

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Those statues were erected to "show the black man his place," to remind whites of a "glorious" past

"The South shall rise again" -- wtf do you think that means, exactly, to racists who repeat it?

What possible "electoral damage" can be done to Democrats that has not already been done by the illegitimate presidency of Red Don?

What "extremes" are there among progressives? Do tell. The other side has got guns, assault rifles, and a bellyfull of hate. What have we got? Clergy linking arms, candlelight vigils?

The Nazis and KKK came looking for riots and murder, and they did not succeed. They did not succeed. There were some fights that broke out under extreme provocation, but there was no riot in Charlottesville that day.

Resist! If not now -- when?

How exactly do you mean "not overtly but economically"? American Jews are not known for ...

...their reticence. Historically the community has been heavily involved in civil rights for all and social justice for all. Many American Jews have already loudly objected to Trump over the past many months, including prominent Neocons from the Bush Administration. Even Eric Cantor spoke out today, and I have little respect for him since he's a Republican.

Jews know fascists and Nazis when they see them. Too many relatives never made it even part way through WWII.

Your friend's comment sounds ... odd, focusing as it does on ... money.

Never forget. At the moment, I am feeling like not succumbing to despair or panic, both of which...

...serve only Trump.

Last week I watched some members if this board literally panic over the prospect of a nuclear war, to the point of demanding a military coup in order to keep us "safe."

This week there is despair over a new generation of torch-bearing Nazis and Ku Kluxers.

The Mad King thrives on other people's despair and panic. He loves it. He induces it. He's a murderous cowardly bully. He's not fit to wipe the shoes of most of our former presidents, whose legacy he disgraces.

Well, eff him sideways with a cactus. Resist.

My takeaway from Rachel's show? We really have been here before. We thought the bad old days were gone forever and we forgot.

Never forget. Speak truth to power. Resist.

I worked for both the County and the University, in my time. At the University I was in Personnel...

...and after I no longer worked at either place I was appointed to the County Affirmative Action Commission and later the County Civil Service Commission. I have a strong interest in labor rights.

Take it from me: an employer who has grounds to believe that the reputation of their business or institution has been besmirched by the behavior of an employee, even during their time off or vacation, is within their legal rights to sanction or terminate that employee. Sure, the employee can fight for their job, but good luck with that. You'll get away with traffic tickets, but not a 100 mph DUI splashed all over the news. Smoking a bit of weed, probably not a big deal unless your job requires clean pee (heavy equipment operators, hospital workers, and cops, for instance). Actually being a drug dealer? Don't be stupid. Proudly and peacefully marching for your pet cause is certainly a protected activity, but carrying torches and weapons while screaming terroristic threats and fomenting a riot where people are killed? Don't think so.

I hope that helps clarify things.

You are spectacularly misinformed then, lutherj. The "warmonger" meme is false...

...to the point of slander.

Only a few weeks before the election I had lunch with one of my longtime friends in the antiwar movement, and she filled me in on how Hillary was going to take us straight into war with I-now-forget-who, because she just looooves her some war.

I felt sick to my stomach, not only for my friend's sake but for all those I used to work with that she was still so involved with. I tried to draw my old friend out on her deeper understanding of probable threats from, say, China. China has global ambitions, and all the instances I mentioned were as Greek to her. Nope, Hillary was a warmonger, and probably worse than Trump.

We parted in sadness at each other's ignorance, and have not spoken since.

The point of this little anecdote is that spreading this false meme has real consequences, and I don't mean the loss of a friendship. I mean the loss of a presidency.

Drop a note to Ask the Administrators (left side of your page under Main). Agent Mike is no doubt...

...already on it in any case (very old joke from the old days at DU).

Essentially you have a gripe about forum moderation, so your remedy is to post a note to Ask the Admins. You also can alert on the OP or other subsequent posts in this thread. I would advise doing both of those things. Several of us already have. I know the Admins can't always get to fast-breaking situations, and I don't know why this and other threads have survived being alerted on -- but I am very encouraged by the fact that the majority of the DU community is fighting back vigorously.

Do I have children -- honey, I have grandchildren. Your arguments are circular and panicked...

If we threw out the US Constitution and Bill of Rights every time we were in danger, America as a democratic republic would have long ago ceased to be.

This country has made many, many mistakes along the way that stain and shame us (and that in the end we try to rectify), but so far we have not made the one mistake from which we will not be able to recover: actually having the military overthrow our government.

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Benjamin Franklin.

George W. Bush and his cabal panicked (that word again) the country into accepting the USA PATRIOT ACT and Homeland Security and all the rest of it. Trump could complete the job. How about if we just say No.

What the everloviingfck is this military coup idea infesting DEMOCRATIC Underground?

What's wrong with these people?

Read the answers in this thread -- the sober ones. Then read the US Constitution.

False choices, strawmen, and moronic ideas about turning my nation into a military dictatorship do not amuse me.

"How does a Jew consider himself white?" Say what?

I'll ask my hazel-eyed husband who sunburns easily. He's silver haired now, but as a child he had a mop of golden curls.

His dad looked so Polish he was able to melt into the Belgian Underground for the duration of WWII, travelling on missions with false papers.

His mom had the ethnic look, but was also hazel-eyed and fair-skinned, with dark hair. But she didn't blend in.

It depends. The Diaspora has been on for 2,000 years? Jews settled everywhere. They've been in Europe a long time, and there's bound to be some drift.

I grew up in Hawai'i, and was never allowed to forget I was a haole. The composition of my ethnic background was irrelevant: I was a haole. The few Jewish kids in my school were lumped into the same category. I didn't blend in to the local population, and neither did they. When I moved to California I was given a different label, again informing me that my actual background was irrelevant: Anglo. (I really never saw people who looked like me outside my immediate family until I visited Boston in my mid-30s. We look like our Irish ancestors who came in the middle of the 19th century, apparently a persistent ethnic stamp.)

In Europe, my husband and his family were never allowed to forget they were Jewish; when they moved to New York City, I think it was simply taken for granted among such a large population. Moving to California in 1964 was a bit of a shock: he was informed that he was an Anglo, too.

People judge others by so many things. I'm still glad I grew up where I did, where casual intermarriage was the norm. It shaped my worldview forever.

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