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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,161

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BS reminds me of a houseguest who immediately moves your furniture around, criticizes the meals...

...complains about your relations with your spouse at every turn, calls your children spoiled brats, and never lifts a finger to so much as clear the table after eating the meal he bitchd about.

At some point the children are going to take their parents for a walk and ask when Uncle Bill is going to go back to his own home?

Flynn strikes me as a vengeful, angry man. It's what got him into trouble in the first place...

Hopefully he will continue in this vein as his life unravels, and start flailing at everybody he ever said hello to in the hallways of the Trump administration, most especially Trump, Bannon, Jared, Ivanka...

She and Jared are the pretty faces on this foul ugly corrupt Administration. Crown Princess ...

...and Prince Consort are what I call them because of their entirely unearned inherited privilege.

In reality, all of the remaining Royals of Europe reign over Constitutional monarchies -- so they and their extended families are raised from birth to have some sense of public duty and patriotism.

Not so for the scions of the Trump Business Empire. Even before the Mad King lost his marbles, it was run as an absolute monarchy answerable to no one. There is no patriotism -- banks and money flow are borderless. There is no public duty -- their only peers are other billionaires and oligarchs.

Thank you for pointing out the sheer offensiveness of Ivanka saying she and Daddy care about women and children. It would be so much better if they (especially she) stopped pretending to give a fuck.

Crying here. I hope he rang that Door Buzzard good and hard on the way through...

Thank you for letting us know, and please tell his family and friends how very much he will be missed by the DU community.

Ridiculous. Go back and read Bernie's very own words. Forget the campaign: the man has been...

...remarkably consistent throughout his life. You could completely excise the primary campaign from his record and have decades of quotes before then to work with -- and going on a year of quotes from after the Convention till now, and he sounds the same.

So what we are doing at DU in the Here and Now is talking about that record, especially since November 8, 2016.

It's Bernie himself who consistently identifies the working class as being composed of white men whose mining and manufacturing jobs are disappearing. Bernie.

Meanwhile, most women and minorities are in the category of workers who mostly never got into those formerly well paid jobs in the first place. They predominate in the service sector, where wages have always been crap. Are they not "working class"? Bernie never mentions them, except to insist minimum wage must be a certain dollar amount across the country, regardless of the cost of living in different regions.

Incidentally, those jobs are largely about to disappear as well, due to a variety of factors, from Amazon to Automation. Will Bernie then talk about the collapse of the retail market and untold thousands of mostly-women who will then be out of work? Or will they still not be working class?

I'd like to know his answer.

Seriously, talking about the "two minute hate" just doesn't cut it. It's not about you.

"Trickle down social justice" is a wonderfully accurate phrase.

I'm impressed.

That's the central flaw in classic Marxist philosophy. "Identity" doesn't disappear...

Half the population will still be female, and will still need a full spectrum of health care specialized to our needs or women will die.

X% of the population will still be infants and children, and women will still overwhelmingly be responsible for their every need, from food to education to medical care -- and this will impact every day and every year of their paid working lives.

X% of the population will stll be "minorities" and visibly so, and they will still struggle for a full place in education, society, and the workplace even if the minimum wage is $15 an hour.

It goes on. And on.

Unlike totalitarian regimes, in THIS country if you do not want to have an abortion NO ONE...


The essence of the Democratic Party Platform is this: abortion, contraception, prenatal and postnatal care ARE ALL PART OF WOMEN'S NECESSARY HEALTH CARE CONTINUUM. The availability and affordability of all of these elements are a necessity in a democratic society. Some women undoubtedly want or need none of the above, but they must be available. Men's lack of a uterus is totally irrelevant to this particular discussion.

That is the agreement. There is no blame attached to holding a different point of view due to religious or other personal reasons, as long as you agree that others have the legal right to choose differently.

Or put another way: I choose to not marry another woman, but I don't have the right to forbid other women from choosing differently.

Just watching developments. The GOP knows the currest situation is not sustainable...

That's what is becoming evident -- that they can see what we see.

The difference is the GOP versus all of the Mad King's handlers and sycophants are in a struggle to see who can hang onto ultimate power the longest. Their fondest wish came true -- to hold all the branches of government at once -- and all of them must fear it slipping from their grasp. When Trump goes, then all of his family will go too. Trump Inc. scarcely wants that to happen. But the longer they all stay, the more damage they do to the country. However, with him gone the "normal" GOP can reconsolidate power, and I think they'd like to do that.

Either way the country is screwed, but maybe we won't get nuked.

Watch Pence being groomed to take the POTUS spot, happening right before our eyes. By the time...

...the Mad King is yanked off the stage, even most of the guys in MAGA hats should feel some relief.

What's more intriguing is what Nikki Haley is up to. Who's giving her direction for her role at the UN? There's some indication she's making it up for herself. Further, who initiated that upcoming trip to the White House for the entire UN Security Council? Again, I got the impression from today's talking heads that Nikki is initiating this. She can't possibly believe, by now, that a lunchtime conversation with DTs will do anything to make him more intelligent. But it sure makes her look ... Vice Presidential, at a minimum.

Watch what they do, not what they say.
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