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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,161

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"Pace ourselves"?! Going at this full-tilt is what got us this victory. Shouting at town halls...

...and making GOP congressmen wet their pants got us here. Storming airports got the Muslim Ban overturned twice. Millions of women in the streets all at once ...

Pace ourselves my rosy Irish ass. Fuck that noise. We need to resist without cease.

Thank you for your concern though, worstexever.

I remember when Scalia said the same thing about gay marriage when some incremental thing....

...came before the SCOTUS. "If you pass this, then gay marriage soon becomes inevitable across the country." Not an exact quote, but I was struck by it because it did not seem to be in his usual style -- but instead a bald statement of fact. And it came true.

So, Dr Krauthammer, from your lips to God's ears.

Barack Obama is a genius. All the people who whined and had tantrums because the pony under the Xmas tree didn't have silver studded tack or a unicorn's horn, but instead turned out to be a baby workhorse that needed nurturing and training before becoming a massive Clydesdale can kiss my wrinkly rosy Irish ass 10 years from now.

Meantime, we have a lot of work still to do.

There are many paths to corruption, and they all start with "just a little won't hurt."

The classic temptation scenes in literature are often presented as a psychological seduction, a slow manipulation. Almost no one just wakes up one morning and says, "By golly, today is the day I sell out my nation." It takes some persuasion.

Flynn has a lot of resentment in him -- wasn't he passed over for a promotion and/or let go from his last job for not being a good manager? That's certainly something a spymaster could work with.

Look at all the Americans getting paid to appear on RT. Was Larry King the first? Good old Larry. They gave him a show. The Cold War is over, and our two countries are not enemies any more. So Thom Hartmann went over, and took their money. RT has by now collected a number of American Progressives, Greens, and Populists, and they all take money from the State-owned propaganda outlet of the former Soviet Union. No harm done, amirite? They don't write my scripts! Communism is dead; long live the oligarchy!

Except the harm done is they have become beards, unwitting or not, for Putin, who is a genuine enemy of ours -- and if they can't see that by now it says something very sad about people who used to be admired by the American Left.

As for General Flynn, who will be stripped of his rank and pension before this is all over, who knows what the beginning was, except resentment and anger no doubt played a part. Putin arranged for him to get "speaker's fees" -- and the general knew that was verboten. What went on before that we will no doubt find out some day, just as we are now finding out what happened after he really fell into the pit of corruption, ie, working with the Turks on a kidnap-murder.

So many paths. Power is a classic. In the myth of Jesus, Satan tempts him with the power -- to do good. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jesus declined the offer.

I've tried and erased 4 comments. They are just evil. Okay, I'll try again...

No women need apply.

Contraceptives? Not my problem. Prenatal care? Pfft. Postnatal care? Who needs it? Well baby checkups? Oh, be real. Pap smears and mammograms? Eww, ladyparts.

Next time I really lose my temper and call them all "motherfuckers," there will be a whole new layer of literal meaning.

Good observation, especially "exaggerated existing personality traits," which is what I've seen ....

...in friends/relatives in decline over the years.

So many have tried to boil down DTs mental issues to one thing, but it is certainly possible to be a malignant narcissisist who also has dementia who also has ADD. Reading about his very early life and cruel behavior even in primary school, I got the feeling that something in this man's brain has been "broken" since a very early age.

He is now an old man who needs others looking out for his welfare. I'd have a lot more compassion if those "others" had not gone along with his mad idea of running for potus, and had those others not had the delusion they could control him once he got there.

We have a potus who is, colloquially speaking, batshit crazy. This is not just a family matter any more. They all have to go, and many of them need to go to prison.

Have lost link to hilarious parody of Girl From Ipanema aimed at Mar-a-Lago. Help!

I really want to share it, and I can't find it again. Can someone help out?


This ass and his fellow club members have the world's most fantastic sense of entitlement

And why wouldn't they? In a sane world, they would never have dinner in the same room as the Japanese PM, nor be allowed to witness the scurrying associated with an international crisis, much less snap photos of those events.

They're special, by God.

(Hekate mutters darkly something about the coming Revolution, motherfckers)

Getting what is widely regarded as the most powerful job in the world is turnng out ...

....to be just no damn fun after all. Instead of having the unquestioned powers of an emperor, he is being checked at every turn. Instead of continuous cheers and smiles, the populace is marching in the streets with nasty signs. Instead of a compliant and friendly media, in his opinion they are all just being mean to him. Foreign leaders aren't laughing at his buffoonish and mean-spirited humor, either.

But at Mar-a-Loco, he has a little world built in his own image, where members pay insanely expensive fees just to be near him.

I'd feel sorry for him if he were not destroying my country.

Thank you so much. I've had it up to here with survivor's guilt ...

Not to mention the finger pointing about how the assault was all our own fault. The psychological effects have been all too reminiscent, right? Identifying what happened is important, and that includes naming the perps in public.

Admitting we were assaulted and naming the perps is not claiming a false victimhood and it is not wallowing in weakness. It is telling Truth to terrifying Power and it is reclaiming our strength.

Benghazi. Emails. Comey. Putin. Assange. Etc. As for your final question, I hope you are kidding...

...because otherwise I don't know what to say to you. The members of this board are politically engaged, to say the least. People who wanted to essentially sabotage the Party and candidate by voting 3rd party were shown the door.

Hillary got 3 million more votes than Red Don. Her message got across to the majority of American voters, as I am sure you will agree. Whatever flaws there were in the campaign, she won the vote.

Every time I look at "what happened" to the outcome, I keep bumping up against the FACT that we got fucked. We fought back as best we could, and we still got fucked. Trump is beyond being a "useful idiot" for Putin, he is a fucking Trojan Horse. The country got invaded, and Hillary and the rest of the Dems were the first casualties in the war. DU itself only survives because whoever took the site down was possibly only toying with us.

We were walking down the street on a sunny day going about our business when we were attacked. We got fucked.

THAT was "your and my role in getting here."

Like all survivors of assault, people here have good days and bad days, and some folks have been damn near suicidal. But we are survivors and we are hauling each other up as best we can, because of the magnitude of the work that must be done. What we don't need is any more of the blame that has been leveled at us as survivors, or the self-blame that comes with the territory. All evidence considered, more of it each day, indicates that the FACT that we got fucked over was not our fault.
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