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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,159

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Am I the only person here who remembers Spiro Agnew?!

He was Richard Nixon's VP, and they got rid of Agnew first. There were no double vacancies because as soon as they got rid of that bribe-taking crook Agnew, the House picked Jerry Ford to be VP. Then they went after Nixon.

Stop worrying about Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan has a powerful career, and he doesn't want to wreck that by stepping in to the kind of mess this bunch will leave. He'll run for POTUS in his own good time.

Also, as far as Pence goes, what has he done that's actually illegal? I would love it if someone, anyone, would come forward with some genuine dirt on the guy, but no one has.

Trump reinstated the Global Gag Order on Day One. The Women's March was already planned....

...but we knew in advance. Team Trump TOLD us what they planned to do all along. Hence the Women's March.

As regards the Global Gag Order, it is a political football. I think Reagan started it. Then every time the WH changes parties, it gets yanked (Bill Clinton) or reinstated (Dubya) or yanked again (Obama) and finally reinstated yet again (Trump).

This is indeed done by Executive Order. The reason for this is that neither party has a sufficient majority any any one time to simply pass it as a law. Especially the Dems. So this is quick and easy and makes a statement that the Men in Charge are pro-life or conversely pro-woman.

It is a political football with women's very lives.

Tim Kaine spoke splendidly on the issue of Holocaust Denial.If saying it never happened doesn't work

....Deniers move into false equivalency by saying only a few Jews were exterminated and the rest were all kinds of other Europeans.

When you frame it this way, erasing the Jews from the Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation makes perfect sense. And Bannon is a white nationalist anti-Semite.

Calexit is being run by a man with a San Diego address and a RUSSIAN office....

I am not in the least amused by attempts to literally break my country apart.

Hekate, Californian

What is your problem? America's early Socialists and Progressives were often motivated by...

...the Scriptures, whether they were Christian or Jewish. They didn't go about preaching and acting holier than thou, they just went about the business of trying to make the world a better and more just place.

The US has the misfortune in its recent history to be infested by Talibornagains, Fundagelicals, and Theocrats. However loud they are today, they are all too often abysmally ignorant of both the contents of the Bible and American history.

Sadly, the same can be said for some of our more reactionary members here. The Bible can be used for good or ill, and being an atheist versus being a religious person is not by itself an indication of being a higher order of being.

I personally have zero problem quoting Scripture at bigoted people who claim to be righteous Christians. It's a good reminder to us all.

For a KGB officer, poison or the knife kind of is "natural causes"....

As Sir Terry Pratchett observed of the king who fell down a flight of stairs with his own knife between his shoulder blades.

I myself would posit that working for Putin is rather suicidal on the face of it.

A small epiphany today: Trump himself is the shiny object that distracts us, while his handlers...

....and the GOP are busy busy busy creating things for him to sign.

And he'll sign anything. It looks presidential.

Trump is out front acting as crazy as a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide, throwing off bits of fractured light like a disco ball -- and while he is indeed dangerous in and of himself, he is ALSO the shiny object that keeps us and the media distracted from the real shit that is taking place in Congress and elsewhere as the GOP and white nationalists really disassemble our country.

They'll eventually discard him for Pence, but meanwhile he is just incredibly useful.

Thanks for the link to Stop Breathe and Think. I'll give it a try.

Actually, he was. So were the Communists."Give me a child until he is 5, and I'll have him for life"

Or maybe it was till the age of 7.

Rote learning and indoctrination work like a charm for the masses, if that's what you want.

I was appalled and then outraged when Ralph Nader said it in 2000, & have not changed my opinion...

Here at DU we have a handful of people who are allegedly our allies on the left (plus the ones who join for a time), and they will say that and similar things every time campaign season rolls around. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of that line of barnyard byproduct. I want to just slap them upside the head.
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