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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,934

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Drafting American sons and daughters is one sure way to get The People's attention right quick....

I'm truly sorry, but I concluded that during the BushCheney admin. As long as it's someone else's relative, and as long as there is such a low percentage of Americans serving, foreign excursions are just too easy to ignore -- especially by young people. My generation's outrage helped bring the Vietnam war to an end, because so many were dying and everyone was at risk from the draft. Well, nearly everyone -- must remember TANG.

Military coup? Absolutely not. That in itself would be the end of us. It has to be a civilian ....

...solution: it has to come from Congress.

It boggles the mind that so many who are opposed to this impending "strongman" government are themselves looking for a "strongman" to rescue them. That's not a road you can travel down to save democracy.

Squirrel! Always look behind the smokescreen.

Blessings to the Admins and good luck to them. They are up against something unprecedented...

...and whatever happens here will not be their fault for lack of trying.

I believe the Admins are keeping legal info close, and for good reason.

I begin to think what happened to us was practice of a sort from overseas; we continue to be trolled.

Either a theocracy or a democracy. That is the sad truth, once you wrap your head around it.

+3,000,000 votes over Trump, despite voter suppression. Sure, a terrible no good very bad campaigner

Damn straight, MADem. She has earned her place in history for refusing to delay publication...

...not to mention pursuing it for all these years in spite of everything.

She's tough. I don't want to her to retire any time soon.

Ha! Already here, with pals. nt

nadin, nadin, nadin...

Consider this observation that I shared with pnwmom, from my time at University of Hawai'i, would have been about 1970 or '71:

79. My senior seminar professor was a specialist in Japanese-Russian history

The seminar was on Japanese history of WW II, but he was deep into Russian/Soviet history himself, with emphasis on the Kuriles. Interesting man.

A Soviet "research vessel" docked at Honolulu Harbor for a little R&R for the crew, and wherever they went they were accompanied by their handlers. My prof invited interested crew members to visit the University, and after pointing out this building and that he strolled them into the Library with its system of open stacks (oohs and aahs) and then a little trek downstairs where what to their wondering eyes should appear but shelf after shelf of books in Russian entirely unavailable to Soviet citizens (oopsie! end of tour!).

Yeah, we do that all the time here.
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