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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 69,814

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Yeah, he'll do that right after OJ finds Nicole's real killer...

I'd like an acknowledgement and an apology from Mr Cosby indicating some insight into the harm he's done, not only to the dozens and dozens of women he raped -- but to the millions of people like me who looked at "Dr Huxtable" as the father we never managed to get in real life.

That's vanishingly unlikely, so in lieu of that I'd like him to slink away and stfu. Forever.

ERs stabilize and out you go. Some hospitals granny-dump onto Skid Row if no family...

... is there to receive the patient on discharge. This was reported in the Los Angeles Times in graphic detail a few years ago, as it happened that a hospital originally founded by a religious group a long time ago, and had maintained a good reputation, was sold to a for-profit group that retained the original name. You'd go in expecting the Presbyterians or whoever would be carrying out their original mission and ultimately find yourself shoved into a taxi in your gown and tubes headed for the sidewalk outside the Midnight Mission.

The GOP may get their wish in some respects, because I think some of us would rather die at our own hands.

Well done. It's like some out there want to decapitate the Dem Party leadership ("clean house")....

Oddly, the only replacements they can think of are white men of *any* age.

Normally I flee from thought experiments for the reasons given by NC upthread, but yours is spot on.

Howard Dean says: Nancy Pelosi was the best Speaker since Tip O'Neill

Dean was on MSNBC maybe an hour ago, saying that. Sorry not to have total accuracy, but things have been hopping in my life this morning (California time).

The reason for this post is the inexplicable desire of some DUers to get rid of one of the most effective Dem politicians in the nation -- starting yesterday in a swarm.

I'll add to that: Howard Dean, aka The Good Dr. Dean, for a long time the most beloved and respected losing presidential candidate ever deified on Democratic Underground. (I'm sure someone will tell me if he's fallen from his pedestal here). No one, and I mean NO ONE on the Dem side ever told him to stfu after he lost, nor to maintain a dignified silence, nor to be ashamed of whatever speaking fees he got.

Nancy P is pro-choice, and her district knows it. She's also pro-LGBTQ, and her district knows it.

In favor of protecting immigrants, and her district knows it. Is a faithful Roman Catholic in her personal beliefs, and is not an Evangelical theocrat, and her district knows it. She suits them, and they continue electing her.

Her district, which encompasses the City of San Francisco, is only one of many, many Congressional districts in California, yet most of California's 10s of millions of voters know this about Nancy because she is prominent and a respected Democrat.

It's rather sad that alleged (or just plain ill-informed) Democrats outside California choose to believe RWNJ divisive propaganda about Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, who I hope will be Speaker of the House again one day. Because she is, in fact, good at what she does.

They're picking off the powerful Dem women one by one already, as someone pointed out...

We don't have Debbie W-S to kick around any more. Hillary should just stfu and maintain a dignified silence.

The "they" I'm talking about are alleged Democrats, btw. How soon before Kamala Harris, already coming under attack by the Senate GOP, is found wanting by alleged Dems because "she's been demonized"? Elizabeth Warren is already a favorite target of the GOP, but worshipped by some on our side as being *so* much better than Hillary. That is, she is worshipped *at the moment*.

Why in hell is this, and why in hell are "they" out in force today at Democratic Underground? I have a few ideas, and I am not happy. At least a lot of people with sense are fighting back.

Dear and Glorious Leader, there's an ointment for those ass-hickeys you've got...

With all respect and a grateful heart,
Feeling blessed,
Your Subject

Strangely enough, Hillary WON. She got 3,000,000 more votes than Trump. About 66,000,000....

...of us were plenty energized for Hillary. Yet day in and day out the pundits bellyache about white male racists and "energized" young people and how their fee-fees were hurt. How about the feelings of the 66,000,000?

Persist. Whatever SHE wants to do. Continue telling the truth about what happened....

I just now finished watching her interview with Cheryl Strayed on Book TV. Like her previous interviews and speeches, it was intelligent, rational, analytical, warm, and completely without self-pity.

Hillary is far more worried about the future of American democracy with Trump-Bannon-Putin in charge than she is concerned with nursing her personal feelings. Because of that concern, she will continue to speak about the assault on our democracy and how it took place and is still happening.

But because this is Hillary Clinton we're talking about, there are people more interested in questioning her motives and telling her to stfu, than in heeding what she has to say. For some reason or other this gets on my last nerve.

Beep boop beep!

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