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Huh? How Hot is It???? Where?

"Halo of Hot Gas" sounds like a description of the left-over steam in a small bathroom,
after you've finished your shower.

But that can't be a very accurate comparison, because it doesn't sound like this is
your typical gas dispersion -- random, evenly distributed, more or less uniform throughout.

If that were the case, "temperature 'a few hundred times hotter' than the surface of our
Sun" would be something we would have detected by now?

So this isn't a "cloud" of gas, it's some kind of hollow, hot bubble with nothing to
see or detect anywhere near us? Only when you got out 5 or 8 times the diameter
of the Milky Way would an acute, perspicacious observer be able to notice.... *it's
hundreds of times hotter than the sun.* (YEEOW! Ouch, Ouch, Hot, Hot.)

....It's like something that could have come from a plot line in the original, 60's Star Trek.
The bubble -- a giant balloon, globule, bladder, vesicle -- of super-hot gas (with a face
on it, that talks to Kirk?) that stands as a barrier to space travel?

Wow, ex-Reagan Treasury staffer on "empty chair."

Not like he's holding anything back:


Includes a new take on what Clint may have been saying, for real:

[div class ="excerpt"]One would also have thought that NPR and its pundits would have found Clint Eastwood’s speech a fascinating topic of discussion. Eastwood had a Republican National Committee approved speech, but discarded it. Instead, Eastwood stood beside an empty chair and pretended to be talking to Obama, but it could just as well have been Romney in the chair. By pretending to be talking to Obama, Eastwood made his points without eliciting boos from the Republican audience.

Not many in the Republican audience caught on, but there were some stony faces when Eastwood said “I haven’t cried that hard since I found out that there are 23 million unemployed people in this country.” More stony Republican faces when Eastwood showed his opposition to the Iraq and Afghan wars and asks the chair, “why don’t you just bring them [the troops] home tomorrow morning?” Those who thought he was digging at Obama cheered; those who realized he was criticizing hardline Republican positions were displeased.

But NPR and the US media in general are uncomfortable with such real news as a political party being told off by one of its heroes and a political party sufficiently stupid to repeat Barry Goldwater’s mistake. The establishment might complain. The money might dry up or employees be fired for permitting such a story to be aired. The Democrats lost their independent financing when jobs offshoring destroyed the unions. There are no longer countervailing powers to Wall Street and the corporations, which have been endowed by the Republican US Supreme Court with First Amendment rights to purchase US elections and placed in charge of the US Treasury, the regulatory agencies and the Federal Reserve.

Actually, there's a theory out there, that "The Chair" was....

...Clint's way of openly spouting off to BOTH candidates, and generally
mouthing off about what's really wrong with the country, no matter which
candidate ends up winning.


Interesting reading, anyway, whether or not you accept that premise.
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