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Didn't mean to step on your toes, or cross whatever line you suppose I crossed.

Nickolaus didn't 'overtly' eff with anything. An 'adjustment' needed to be made to the
vote tabulation for the primary, because Nickolaus had ignored earlier instructions to
consolidate vote totals according to congressional apportionment.

That's what it said in this morning's paper, anyway.

No argument that Nickolaus is a partisan flunky who's abused her authority as
County Clerk.....

But my reason for posting what I did wasn't to try and over-analyze what happened
in that April primary, or what may or may not happen with the "consultants" investigation
of Nickolaus.

Electronic voting has been abandoned in most of Europe for a reason. Machines very
similar to those we continue to use were sold for their junk scrap value just last week, in
Ireland. Switzerland manages to get their hand count of paper ballots in national elections
completed in six hours.

It would be wrong -- in so many ways -- to keep ignoring that larger "process" question,
or to let Nickolaus serve as a scapegoat and assume getting 'the bitch charged with a
fucking crime' will even contribute to raising awareness on the issue of election integrity.

The only way to do that is to insist on an open, bi-partisan hand count of paper ballots
that were tabulated by optical scanners. Every time there's an opportunity to do so.
That's what these folks are working for:


I'm disappointed -- crushed, even -- that it all strikes you as run-away conspiracy thinking.
But it's even more disappointing to see odd math totals coming up, so many times, in
election after election, when people try to do the numbers on "who won, why" after the
fact, and it's one head scratcher after another. And there's no larger public outcry, or
support in the media, to try and get away from the reliance on faith-based voting.

Just because very few people have any idea how voting machines work, or how wrong it
is to trust any microprocessor that's made to be networked. People just assume they're
like ATM's but they're not. They don't cost nearly as much, don't give you a paper receipt
or verification, and have completely unnecessary design flaws, like the Command Central
machines that come with an extra eProm and are totally opaque, when it comes to recounts.

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