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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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nina turner needs to look in the damn mirror as

long as they're popping her into the article.

Damn.. "both sides"? WTH does that even mean, nina?

Look in the damn mirror, nina. Decide on better language you're going to use.. like NOT lying about The Democratic Party. What a Hypocrite.

Think tank? Yeah right. Like nina is helping here.

NYT: Attack Tests Movement Sanders Founder

WASHINGTON — The most ardent supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders have long been outspoken about their anger toward Republicans — and in some cases toward Democrats. Their idol, the senator from Vermont, has called President Trump a “demagogue” and said recently that he was “perhaps the worst and most dangerous president in the history of our country.”

Now, in Mr. Sanders’s world, his fans have something concrete to grapple with: James T. Hodgkinson, a former volunteer for Mr. Sanders’s presidential campaign, is suspected of opening fire on Republican lawmakers practicing baseball in Alexandria, Va.

That shooting on Wednesday, which wounded four people, may prove to be an unexpected test for a movement born out of Mr. Sanders’s left-wing, populist politics and a moment for liberals to figure out how to balance anger at Mr. Trump with inciting violence.

“Both sides need to look in the mirror,” said Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator who campaigned for Mr. Sanders and is working on a new think tank started by the senator’s wife. “We have to decide what kind of language we are going to use in our political discourse.”


OMG.. that made me LOL! "Not to put

too fine a point on it but the White House is now a crime scene"!!

is right! Mahalo, BRDS!

Just Wow! No wonder someone tried to clean up his tweeting act.

But, they're not "honest" so we have to look

for ourselves.

Mahalo for the some of the backstory on the heroes, JI7

In summary...


It's very Encouraging! Like Lt Gov Ralph Northam


"Donald Trump is a narcissistic maniac, and I will do all I can to keep his hate out of Virginia. When I saw how he treated Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a Gold Star family, and how he mocked a disabled reporter—as a veteran and a doctor, that’s all I needed to know. So I campaigned across Virginia against Donald Trump and his disrespectful, divisive rhetoric and policies."


Yeah, you're so correct!


Tweets on this.. BS attacks Dems..


Joy Reid Tweet Agrees.. "hated Hillary".. :(


Mahalo for this article, Goth!

The base of the party spoke in the Virginia primary https://politicalwire.com/2017/06/14/black-voters-will-democratic-kingmakers-2020/

“For all the talk about the power of pro­gress­ives in the Demo­crat­ic Party, one sig­ni­fic­ant part of the Demo­crat­ic co­ali­tion has been over­looked in the run-up to the next pres­id­en­tial elec­tion: Afric­an-Amer­ic­ans. Black voters made up at least 20 per­cent of the Demo­crat­ic vote in at least 15 states dur­ing the 2016 pres­id­en­tial primar­ies (and com­prise that share in three oth­er states without exit polling: Louisi­ana, New Jer­sey, and Delaware). Without Afric­an-Amer­ic­ans, who gave 76 per­cent of their vote in the primar­ies to Hil­lary Clin­ton, Bernie Sanders eas­ily could have been the Demo­crat­ic nom­in­ee. Sanders won 49.1 per­cent of the Demo­crat­ic white vote to Clin­ton’s 48.9 per­cent.”

“Black voters have his­tor­ic­ally ral­lied be­hind one Demo­crat­ic can­did­ate… Since 1976, the can­did­ate backed by black voters be­came the Demo­crat­ic nom­in­ee in sev­en of the nine con­tested nom­in­a­tion battles.”

Thanks for the research, Demsrule!

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