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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 196,955

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

"We need a leader, Not a creepy Tweeter!" NYC


Thousands Turn Out For Anti-Trump Tax March In Philadelphia


Why focus on Syria & not Hawaii? @TulsiGabbard says reduced military spending means more resources


Mahalo for Shay's Twitter Feed, Chevy..

Shay Chan Hodges

Right! And, as I just did.. say to myself.. when

I join Twitter I'm definitely going to follow HawaiiDelilah!


I'm with HawaiiDelilah, Chevy!

8 of 12 people who attended IL Rep. Cheri Bustos "Build the Bench" bootcamp won their races


Cheri Bustos!

And who was with Flynn at RT dinner in Moscow. Coincidence?



stein: On war, trump is safer than Clinton..


Lying piece of pigslop.

Yeah, it was unreal.. someone mentioned

"emoprogs" and I looked it up.. and that seemed to describe them to a T.. they need to add a paragraph on Russia, though..


"Emoprogs dislike Republicans but reserve their greatest disdain for Democratic presidents, whom they relentlessly attack for not meeting a set of ideological goal posts that are constantly adjusted to ensure that the president will be deemed a disappointment, "not progressive enough" or "just like a Republican" no matter what policy achievements are made.

Emoprogs routinely dismiss or ignore congress' role in making or impeding policy, believing presidents can simply "use the bully pulpit" and "fight" in order to overcome constitutional or legislative obstacles.

Emoprogs have a strong affinity for 3rd party politics as a way to punish Democratic presidents. They are especially hostile to President Obama and deem anyone who expresses a lack of ill will toward him to be "Obamabots" and enemies of liberalism.


That was stupid greenwald's big thing.. "Obamabots"..

Look @ him.. he's a pawn for putin.


Yeah, and there will always be LYING A$$ Privilege ELITE..

Who sucker in the LOW INFORMATION voter with LIES like these..

"The prominent Sanders backer also predicted that a Hillary Clinton indictment was "inevitable"

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump


poor ssarandon "had to change her phone number.." while the rest of the country that isn't so well off have to worry about this among other trumpshite..


I've been posting about him...

Who Is Jon Ossoff? 10 Things You Need to Know About the Georgia Congressional Candidate.

He’s a 30-year-old Democrat with strong chances in a GOP-centric district.

1. He grew up in the district he wants to represent.

2. But he doesn’t live in the district now.

Ossoff and his longtime girlfriend live just 10 minutes outside the 6th District so she can “walk to class at Emory University’s medical school,” the New Yorker reports. The two have been together for 12 years.

3. He has some political experience under his belt.

He was a staffer for John Lewis!

4. His film company is responsible for uncovering international corruption.

5. Now he’s looking to turn a red district blue.

6. He’s running a campaign focused against Trump but it’s not all about the president.

7. He is leading a crowded field but may face a runoff.

8. He has raised more than $8 million so far.

9. His win would be a major victory for Democrats.

10. Because of that, the attack ads against him are intense



to seeing so much about Joe Ossoff!

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