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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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lol@BS.."Sanders endorses Ossoff, but won't call him a progressive"

But he'll call Heath Mello, who is "aggressively anti-choice" a "progressive".

Wassup, BS! you call Mello a progressive in Nebraska but not Ossoff who is Pro Choice and had Samuel L Jackson making a campaign ad for him. Hollywood got out the VOTE for Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

Still fishy and 3 days too late.

Thanks again, Riff

Yes Perez was booed and BS did nothing to defend him..

the booers waving their little hypocritical "come together" signs.

Symome Sanders:.. "In retrospect, she said, Maybe Bernie Sanders isnt the guy for the unity tour."

Why Bernie Sanders’s Unity Tour Failed


The independent senator hit the road with Democratic national chairman Tom Perez—and highlighted everything that's tearing the party apart.


The next Unity Tour.. Send People on it who Want to Unify!

Yeah well, that "aggressively anti-Choice" Heath Mello part of the platform isn't

going over too big.


Al Giordano says "quite the comments underneath this Tweet"..


I read a tweet of his on Al Gioradano's feed the

the other day and it said that he ran for DNC chair with it promise to uphold Women's Rights.. but it seemed kind of moot for me at the time.

Oh it was just a day ago.. I googled for it..


Mahalo for this inspiring pic from the WH, bigtree!

It really is uncanny how this is how I'll remember it now

Yes, no one talks about that much as one of the major reasons why we lost..

Three such states serve as case studies for the effectiveness of these voting restrictions: Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Florida.

All three elected staunchly conservative governors during President Obama’s terms. All three implemented voting restrictions that affect millions of people
. President Obama won all three states in 2008, and won all but North Carolina in 2012, while Hillary Clinton lost all three of those states this year.


The repub govs in all the states were busy wiping out Voting Rights.. Especially Wisconsin and Florida.

Thank you, pnwmom.. For shining a Light on it!

They're finding out that the Ressitance is about

.. "the hard work of women" and men who support and are there for women's full rights.. not one guy.. and their diminishing and undercutting our rights is not good look for them.

.@rtraister gets the DNC abortion debacle exactly right:


You learn the difference...BS insulting the Democratic Party isn't helping

Accusing the Democratic Party of being.. "feeble" and "can't fight back"on Rachel's Show and "..the Democratic Party of the elite" in Boston with Senator Warren..

When ssarandon is the Elitist..

Who suckered the LOW INFORMATION voters with LIES like these..

"The prominent Sanders backer also predicted that a Hillary Clinton indictment was "inevitable"

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump


poor ssarandon "had to change her phone number.." while the rest of the country that isn't so well off have to worry about this among other trumpshite..


..he insults Dems Who are out there on the Front Lines Fighting for our Very Lives..

He's Wrong and Divisive.. only helping trump, the gop, and the m$m.

Dems have our BACKs and I have theirs.

Truth.. Our Dems ARE Fighting for us..

Democratic Congressman Calls for 'Total and Complete Shutdown' of Trump Agenda in Congress


Maxine Waters‏ Tweets: Meet Donald Trump's Kremlin Klan


Top Dem calls for investigation into House Intelligence chairman


Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination


Al Franken: What was Merrick Garland about?


Woah. Rep Schiff: New evidence of Trump/Russia collusion "would merit a grand jury investigation"


Thanks to Franken and Klobuchar for helping Dems understand why Gorsuch must be filibustered


And, this..

FactCheck.org: Sanders Wrong on Voter Turnout

Sanders Wrong on Voter Turnout


Sanders, April 16: So many of our people are giving up on the political process. It is very frightening. In the last presidential election, when Trump won, we had the lowest voter turnout over — in 20 years. And in the previous two years before that, in the midterm election, we had the lowest voter turnout in 70 years.

Sen. Bernie Sanders wrongly claimed that voter turnout in 2016 was “the lowest … in 20 years.” In fact, turnout was higher than it was in 2012.

The overall turnout was 60.2 percent in 2016, up from 58.6 percent four years earlier. In addition, the percentage of eligible voters casting ballots for president in 2016 was 59.3 percent — the third highest in the last 44 years. Only 2008 and 2004 were higher.


He's divisive and wrong.

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