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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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If #Coke and #avocado advertisers are banking on anti-Trump sentiment to this level then EVERYONE is


Hi Jared, I'm Cha.. so very nice to meet you.

Subway Riders Scrub Anti-Semitic Graffiti, as ‘Decent Human Beings’


“There was a lady sitting across from me under the map, and she said, ‘Oh that’s absolutely horrible,’” he said. “‘Do you think there’s any way we can erase it?’”

Mr. Nied had many times used a Sharpie when he had meant to use a dry-erase marker, and he knew from experience that alcohol would work to erase the graffiti.

“A light bulb went on, and I just asked, ‘Does anyone have hand sanitizer?’” he said.

Mr. Nied and several other commuters began to wipe away the graffiti, their actions captured in photographs taken by Mr. Locke, who wrote on Facebook about his experience. By late Sunday afternoon, more than 518,000 people had reacted to the post on Facebook, and the post had been shared more than 354,000 times.


Thank you so much! To your experience with hand sanitizer! It was a Flash Mob of Humanity.

trump is programmed well.. push a button and he

opens his mouth and speaks perfect Russian propaganda.

Denver, my homies!


Thanks bigtree! Lookin' Good!

Cool! I love this!!! Front page of NYT one year and one day ago..


I saw a pic of him and his family coming back to DC.. or "back to reality" as the Tweet said.

thanks Rusty~

fox ashamed of their orangemonster?

BO'R should have followed up with .. "please tell us more SCROTUS"

Oh, wrong place!

Thank you, uponit! "Why Tom Perez Is a Strong Competitor Against Keith Ellison in the Democratic


This is from January 6th.. he's only gotten stronger..

By David Corn


Progressive Democrats gazing upon the fight for the leadership of their party ought to be delighted. The two leading candidates for chair of the Democratic National Committee—Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and Labor Secretary Tom Perez—are each battle-hardened and experienced progressives with much to offer their partisan comrades. Yet the contest for the DNC's top post has widely been cast as a clash between wings of the party, with Ellison as the champion of the insurgent left and Perez as the candidate of the establishment. That depiction misrepresents the face-off and fixates on the wrong question: who has better progressive street cred? With the Democrats deep in the hole—a minority in both houses of Congress, out of the White House, holding only 16 governor slots and merely 31 of 99 state legislative chambers, and lacking a deep bench or a flock of rising stars—the tussle for DNC chief ought to focus on who can best do the nuts-and-bolts job of rebuilding the party from the ground level.


Then Perez joined the race. He was not a last-minute contestant shoved into the contest by Democratic establishmentarians looking to thwart Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the House—though some Obama loyalists within the party were clearly not keen on Ellison. Perez, who has been busy finishing up at the Labor Department before handing over the keys to Trumpsters, merely needed more time to make his decision, according to his camp. Yet when Perez, who had endorsed Clinton in the 2016 race, announced his bid, several unions, including the AFL-CIO, which have worked closely with him, were already on the Ellison Express. (Perez has since been backed by the United Food and Commercial Workers, the United Farm Workers, and the International Association of Fire Fighters, and the Democratic governors of Colorado, Louisiana, Rhode Island, and Virginia.) And with Perez's entrance, some Sanders folks started claiming that the Evil Empire—that is, the poohbahs of the party—was once again seeking to crush a progressive insurgency. (Ellison backers have been ticked off that his Democratic opponents have pointed to a handful of Ellison's remarks and his associations with radical black Muslims in the 1990s to undermine his bid.)

This wing-versus-wing dustup is unfortunate for the party. The vote for DNC chair—the person who will be stuck with a mountain of mundane but important tasks and responsibilities—probably should not be predicated on symbolism. Nor should it necessarily be a contest over competing issue platforms—unless the issue divide truly defines the future course of the party. And that's not what is at stake here. Certainly, Perez, while serving in President Barack Obama's Cabinet, did not oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was backed by the president, and Ellison was a critic of the trade pact. But there's truly not much ideological distance between the two. They are both grassroots-minded progressives. Ellison, before being elected to the House, was a community activist and operated a civil rights, employment, and criminal defense law practice in Minneapolis. Perez, the Buffalo, New York-raised son of two parents exiled from the Dominican Republic, was once the head of CASA de Maryland, an organization advocating for and providing services to immigrants.


OMGaaawd!! MMcC never broke character! Amazing how she

got her hair like that over all her hair!

Way Funny! Wonder if spicerfacts can get through it?

Mahlao, mucifer! Yeah, Kate was great as betsy, too.

Perez also called trump's EO on the halt to our Refugee program.. "Bullshit!"

In Houston, DNC chair candidates talk fighting Trump, turning Texas blue


For Democrats, the latest affront came a day earlier, when Trump signed an executive order halting, for now, a U.S. refugee program and indefinitely suspending Syrian refugee admission. Buttigieg noted that as the candidates were speaking, "people who have looked to America as a beacon are trapped in a Tom Hanks movie at JFK airport," while former Labor Secretary Tom Perez called the move an attack on a program that already works.

After the forum, both Buttigieg and Perez said they were heading to George Bush Intercontinental Airport to join a protest against the order.

"We've got refugees who are vetted more than the Trump Cabinet was," said Perez, who throughout the forum advocated for a confrontational approach to Trump.

"That is bullshit! Plain and simple. Bullshit!" Perez said of Trump's claims of voter fraud in the presidential election. When it comes to combatting Trump, he added: "We can’t come to a knife fight with a spoon, folks. We’ve got to come with a bazooka."


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