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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 199,813

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Another tweet on it.. I remembered seeing your OP and wanted to post this

there.. Mahalo, LP


This is huge, guys! K&R!! Tweet: We have just won in #HawaiivsTrump.


Mahalo, highplainsdem

Mahalo for the Hillary Tweets, Coyote


I knew Tom Perez would be excellent and he and Keith make an

excellent Team!

Well, let's see a pic then! Thank you, George.. We Need Hiilary's Voice.

Mahalo.. Shine the Light!

"Friday's defeat exacerbates a growing problem: Trump's legitimacy. He lost the popular vote. He's

under FBI investigation. He's violating ethics laws. If Trump were a strong president, he might weather the gathering storm. But on Friday he demonstrated profound weakness, and he revealed that weakness to Republicans who were at best ambivalent about the prospect of a President Donald Trump."

trump "choked like dog".. to use his own words. his karma biting him in the ass.

I don't know about "bigger" but there sure are on equal

footing.. and I'm glad Krugman is calling him out!

Krugman can drop the mic now. He just explained exactly why the 2016 election could wind up being a disaster for this country and our future. We had a woman who would have made an excellent president, but instead we elected a buffoon who owes his soul to Putin and lets Paul Ryan write all the draconian policies.

Wow.. Ted Lieu Rep the 33 District of California... Henry Waxman's

old seat!

He is so direct and so Correct!


Thank you, Coyote!

It's time for a diaper change and then his bottle..

Robby Mook nails it, rivers.. good to see him again!

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