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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 199,813

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yeah, in your face gops with President

Obama's beautiful tan suit! lol

Children have an innate ability to distinguish between good and evil

Just sayin


Don't ever forget the greatest Presidential Easter fit of all time.



Well there ya go.. definitely Bookmarking it!

"Can we please stop the "we have to reach out to poor Trump voters" lament?"

Yeah, 'cause that's just bullshit.

Mahalo, mcar!

LOL.. you

made my day, MontanaMama!

Hillary Won the Most Votes so she speaks for the Majority of

the Country.

Al Gore.. another Democrat who won the popular vote went on to do amazing work on our Environment.

Both amazingly productive, brilliant Dems.


Clinton is charting this next chapter in her life like any other campaign. There will be a book in the fall that draws on her favorite quotes over a lifetime for a series of essays that she said in a statement are “the words I live by.” One chapter will be about why she lost and could be titled, “From Russia with Misogyny.”


Her calendar is filling up with speeches before audiences sure to greet her like a conquering hero. Next week, she’ll be at an LGBT Community Center in New York City. Next month, she’ll keynote a Planned Parenthood gala and the Children’s Health Fund annual benefit in New York City. On May 26, she’ll give the commencement speech at her alma mater, Wellesley College.

Mahalo, TexasT!

No we don't.. she's too damn divisive..


3rd party voters are Losers and Clueless.. that's being kind

These Lying smug assholes need to do some introspection..


Yeah, and there will always be LYING A$$ Privilege ELITE..

Who sucker in the LOW INFORMATION voter with LIES like these..

"The prominent Sanders backer also predicted that a Hillary Clinton indictment was "inevitable"

Susan Sarandon: Hillary Clinton more dangerous than Donald Trump


poor ssarandon "had to change her phone number.." while the rest of the country that isn't so well off have to worry about this among other trumpshite..


Jill Stein spoiled the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton


Like sanders approves of a "regime change"? gabbard is deflecting..

she's giving assad cover, who is a war criminal.. just because she doesn't want a "regime change" doesn't mean she gets to deny the reality of assad gassing his own people

I didn't see the poll.. nor any of my

friends. BS is too divisive the way he insults our Democratic Party with his accusations of "feeble" "can't fight back" "party of the elite".. always taking pot shots.

.. he insults Dems Who are out there on the Front Lines Fighting for our Very Lives..

BS on Rachel's"the Democratic Party is feeble" and "cannot fight back"..

He's Wrong and Divisive.. only helping trump, the gop, and the m$m.

Dems have our BACKs and I have theirs.

Truth.. Our Dems ARE Fighting for us..

Democratic Congressman Calls for 'Total and Complete Shutdown' of Trump Agenda in Congress


Maxine Waters‏ Tweets: Meet Donald Trump's Kremlin Klan


Top Dem calls for investigation into House Intelligence chairman


Schumer: Democrats will filibuster Gorsuch nomination


Al Franken: What was Merrick Garland about?


Woah. Rep Schiff: New evidence of Trump/Russia collusion "would merit a grand jury investigation"


Thanks to Franken and Klobuchar for helping Dems understand why Gorsuch must be filibustered


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