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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Hawaii pushes back against Trump, adopts resolution declaring itself a 'welcoming' state to..



KAILUA-KONA — A resolution pushing back against harsher illegal immigration enforcement measures by the federal government was adopted by the state House of Representatives on Wednesday.

Introduced by Rep. Joy San Buenaventura, D-Puna, House Resolution 76 declares Hawaii as a ho‘okipa, or welcoming, state.

The resolution requests the state and all its counties refrain from honoring immigration detainers issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as from participating in a program allowing for the enlistment of local law enforcement as immigration agents.

An immigration detainer is a request by a federal agency to detain an individual for up to 48 hours after he or she would normally be released on bond or because a criminal charge could not be established. It allows time for ICE to initiate a transfer of custody and opens the door for potential deportation proceedings.

Nowhere in the language of the resolution is the term “sanctuary” used. But it implores political leadership to avoid agreements under the Immigration and Nationality Act that would allow for the deputization of local police as immigration agents as well as “any other law enforcement activities that collaborate with ICE or any other federal law enforcement agency in connection with the deportation of undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted of committing a violent crime.”

More to the story~ http://www.hawaiitribune-herald.com/news/local-news/house-declares-hawaii-be-welcoming-state

An Obama state of mind~Aloha!

"This is a pretty bad combination: empty, easily distracted, vindictive, shallow, impatient,

incompetent and morally small" Morally kaput... oh, and OCD.

yallerdawg http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=8879083

Mahalo, StricklyRockers! This is Good from Michael Gerson

PS Perez.. #he'sofuckingestablishment.. lol


SS is stupid and a gd robot.. spewing buzzwords intended to

brainwash. We've seen that before. Willfully ignorant pos.. voted for stein as she sits on her $50 Million bucks while she fucks the Planet.

she's hoisted herself on her own freaking petard.

Mahalo, betsuni

Wow.. that was so Good! I REC to everyone here!

Dr Timothy Snyder is brilliant!

"Believe in the Truth.. Without Truth We Don't Have Trust.. Without Trust We Don't Have the Rule of Law.. Without the Rule of Law We Don't Have Democracy.

So people who are going for Post Fact.. people who are Against the Truth.. they are taking a Direct Line to Killing Democracy.. It's the Shortcut to getting rid of Democracy.."

Who does that remind you of.. right fucking now?

There's more.. please watch!

Mahalo, milestogo

As she sits on her arrogant & purposely ignorant a$$ & $50 Million

bucks.. while those less fortunate and a different color are in danger of starving,tossed from their homes, and getting deported.. tearing families apart.. while our DEMS are Fighting STRONG against fascistrumps.

Bet trumputin love her stupid selfish a$$.

I'm disappointed Colbert let her spew and didn't shine the Light with any intelligent points.

Mahalo for reporting back, bdjhawk

Hope those in Hollywood who actually get out and work for Democracy.. got a load of her smug stupid self.

Epic example.. thanks for the recap, Nance.

Mean-spirited vicious propaganda.. I'm sure putin is grateful..


It is "strange" that Russia concentrated anti-Hillary news in WI, PA and MI - and Trump knew to


We're gonna see.. flynn on "immunity" in September..


lol.. flynn on "immunity" in September

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