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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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TY for this, JHB.. I wondered who the kid is.. I found this on meg's twitter page about Hillary..

I posted below that the Aussie is fucking talented before I saw this.

OMG.. So TRUE! Gallows humor.. I'm Rt that one!

That Aussie's fuckin' talented.

Rt, chia.. TY! We need to make Louis Dejoy (there is No *******


All because I accidently threw out my envelope.. a

happy accident. I was stressed at first that I wouldn't be able to vote for Kai Kahele.. I have his brochures up on my walls!
But, I got to vote in person in an almost private setting.. it was quite the patriotic adventure.. they were all so super nice!

lol.. I did one better..'cause I got to vote in person at

the Kauai Voters Service Center.

I'd never heard of that before I read it on DU & yours was one of the posts, she. I want to Thank you & everyone who talked about it.

I googled Kauai Drop Off Box for ballots and got the address.. & called Kauai elections this morning 'cause my ballot came in the mail last week but I accidently tossed the Envelope! so I was waiting for another one.. and it hadn't come yet so I was concerned and asked if I could drop it off at the address where I saw it online.

She said yes & you could vote there if you want.. I was surprised.. I thought we had to have it come in the mail. So I immediately walked down there and finally found Conference Room B in the huge building that had the DMV in it.. and all sorts of legal things.. like Camping Permits.

This Keeper of the Box took my temperature before I went down the hall to the Room.. and I got there.. not really a huge room.. just enough for 3 to 4 voters at a time. They wiped down the tables after someone voted. And, when we got though voting everyone clapped! It was so Cool!

When I got through.. the workers started clapping and so did I.. and I said "Thank you for being here!".

When I went out I went through the guarded entrance again and the keeper told me for the General that this is The Box... just come down put your ballot in here and you don't have to worry about the mail. Perfect! I told him I'd been looking for that box!

Yeah, I've said from the beginning when I'd

see that written.. that Joe Biden most certainly is Exciting!

Democracy and not being sold out to Putin is damn exciting.. read Biden's webpage.. Good Exciting Stuff!

Love the Tweet.. TY, tblue.. Rt!
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