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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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David Rothchild has to say that a lot.. I was looking for the

original tweet so I could Retweet.. Mahalo, dalton

Mahalo DA Krasner! This makes me feel so Good! Dems are NOT Gonna

take Shite from the Traitor's F Goon Squads!

TY, KY! More to come!

TY for your OP, KY.. I googled a lot this morning to see how

Hollander became a "suspect" and I couldn't get anything. All of a sudden he was just a suspect and then he was reported having committed suicide in Rockland, NY.

Now we know more.. that he was "notorious" ..

Den Hollander was a notoriously anti-feminist men's rights attorney, whose vitriolic website and book condemn women in rage-filled terms. In one of his books, he specifically blasted Salas by name as "lazy and incompetent" and said her only accomplishment was being a high school cheerleader. Den Hollander appeared in her court at one time as counsel in a lawsuit over the all-male military draft.

It's reported in this article tha Hollander had a serious cancer condition..

The body, identified by sources as attorney Roy Den Hollander, was found on a property in the Sullivan County town of Rockland, near Liberty, which is in the New York Catskills. Den Hollander had previously announced on a GoFundMe page, titled "Cancer knocks you down & doctors finish you off," that he was being treated for an apparent serious cancer condition.


And, here's a connection to trump the one who gave limbaugh the medal..

Den Hollander previously sued multiple NBC News anchors, as well as anchors from other networks, and alleged they engaged in an illegal conspiracy to prevent Donald Trump's election to the presidency.)

This is what I've been trying to find out.. how did Roy Den Hollander become a "suspect" and what ted them to the location where he was in New York?

The FBI, U.S. Marshals, New Jersey State Police and the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General all have personnel investigating, and the FBI had tweeted it was looking for "one subject" in the shooting. It's not clear what led authorities to the location in Liberty where the suspect was found dead.



KR Rt Portland!

I Love this.. I'm a big Fan of Hollywood LIBS!❤️❤️❤️

Do IT FOR Carl Reiner, Ourselves, Country, & Planet!:gropuhug:



KR.. tweet on ron johnson.. who knew gop would be peddling

russian propaganda?

trumpHUCK is NOT a leader.. he follows 6 Months LATER.

I'm so grateful that all my family & Friends Across

the Mainland and Hawaii are ALL Mask Riders for Freedom, Peacetrain!


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