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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 268,056

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Ouch Scorch Burn! TRUE! Mahalo, Nevilledog for Dan Rather!

This post is really helpful on that bit of confusion, too.. I know was..

Thekaspervote (10,543 posts)

11. Mayor Lightfoot agreed to allow FBI, DEA and REAL police investigators in NOT the goons as

Seen in Portland. They will be identified with badges and work with the city police. She also said she knows and trust the federal person she spoke with.

She made it very clear that dotard’s goons would not be roaming the city streets as in Portland. And, if that happens she would be in court immediately. Dotard is spinning his lies to hurt her and make it look as thou he wore down a strong woman mayor of a major liberal city...he did not! Don’t bite on it..


All our Family all over the Mainland is doing pretty well.. considering

the state of the World. Bunch of Dems.. they all hate trump.

Now we're preparing for Hurricane Douglas in Hawaii.. 'cause we just don't have enough on our Plates.

I hope the same for you & your family, Nevilledog!

Aloha! My daughter & her family

are in Portland.. so I especially stop at Portland Posts..

Mahalo Nevilledog for keeping us so well informed on so many Issues! It's really Appreciated. I don't always say Thank You at every post but I do.. each and everyone!

WOW! This is Brilliant! So are they playing without❤️❤️❤️

fans? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with what's been going on?

Mahalo, catbyteThe Nationals!

Well that's damn good to know! Of course in Oregon.. Hopefully

All Over the Nation! ❤️😷

Were these Trained Sniper Rifle Feds around when the White Nationalists were in Charlottesville, VA.. or didn't that warrant them?

I agree with Don Winslow when he asks the Protestors not to engage and not to protest when it gets dark. Don't give trump any "Fights in the Streets".. for his "law & order" BULLSHIT!

40.7K Retweets and comments 74K Likes❤️😷

rTeasonous Fuck "wishes her well"..

STFU, trump, you TREASONOUS FUCK. you Don't Get to TALK about

OUR Country when you're Putin's GD PUPPET.

Putin putting Bounties on our American and UK Soldiers Ring any GD BELLS for you!?

That was my thought when

I first heard it. Then more came out..

“Harry said very much that Roy was furious, and beyond words furious, absolutely enraged that NCFM and Marc Angelucci were getting into the Selective Service case. He viewed that as something proprietary for him,” Elam said in a Facebook video earlier this week. “He viewed it as his domain and he saw Mark’s work in that response as a intrusion into his space… he was livid.”


Just a snip.. lots more at link..
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