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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 264,943

About Me

Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

Journal Archives

Retweeted Putin's Puppet is Offensive to me. The language in

this righteous expose is dead on!

We Do have some Dumbass MF Floatin' Around This Country!

i wonder whose voice that is? I like it.

I'm glad they have Fucking Zuckerman in there
Many of us are Noticing, though.

Retweeted for Portland! TY Kelley!!


Exactly & a whole bunch of other innumerable Shit!

Can't forget trump's a Sociopathic Psychotic LYING PERVERTED BEAN Hawker.

"Bible's" Not a Prop, Assface. Wonder which psychotic "advisor" told trump to march across the square like a GD Gestapo Bully and swing the Bible in the air?

Exactly, she.. Well Done! If anyone needs "convincing" at thiis

point in history.. they have NOT been paying Attention to what the Hell is going on around them Or they're deluged with RW Propaganda.

How do we deprogram them?

Pay Attention to REALITY, Undecideds.

Between the Death of America & the Planet.. or The Chance to Save Our Democracy?! Tough fucking Choice.

RetweetX6! I knew that Vid of DonWinslow's was super well done!

I so hope Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer help out for Air Time!

Exactly! Rt! Gov Inslee


RtX2.. At least we're not Ignoring it on

Social Media & DU.

Rt.. This is Not my Military!


Mahalo, Silver Gaia, for giving us an

on the Ground Report from California!

Stay Safe~❤️😷

Were they wearing 😷😷?

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